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"i bet you can't do it."
"yes i can!"
"whatever harry! you're just jealous that i can do it and you can't!"
harry rolled his eyes, "just watch."
couple hours after ya'll's argument, the boys' concert started.
during the middle of best song ever, harry grabbed a water bottle and cocked his eyebrow at you. you were in the crowd surrounded by thousands of people and you still knew it was towards you. and you quickly shook your head. he's going to look like a complete fool.
harry took a mouthful of water in his mouth and walked closer towards the fans. once zayn finished with his high note. harry thrusted his pelvis ups, huffed his chest, and bam.
the whale move was born.
it was like he did it in slow motion.
it was so beautiful.
so angelic.
'holy fuck,' you mouthed.
harry stood up and winked at you mouthing back, "told you so."


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