Chapter 2:Eyes every where

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I step into the over crowded dining hall and some heads turn in my direction but quickly busy themselves with their socialising when they realise its only the new girl.

All but on head smiles a toothy grin and waves frantically over to me.

I smile and wave back at my friend Summer that I had met on the bus to campus.

Her blond curls bounce on her leather jacket as she sings "GOOD MORNING USA"!!!!! I cringe at her out of tune vocals and roll my eyes but with a smile. Summer has the weirdest taste in clothes but what ever she seems to wear works on her so I admire her confidence in her clothes.

Her personality kinda matches her name sunny, smiling, warm hearted and always trying to cheer people up but when she was in spy mode....well lets just say you ain't gonna be seeing the sunshine much longer.

I take a seat on the metal table between her and her GUY-FRIEND Julian who seemed to be gay. He smiled and exclaimed in an over excited voice "oh don't ya just looooove the new SE teacher!" He's so cute"!!!!!! I give him a weird look but then realise that most gays are like this (hitting on guys) and start cracking up. "Jesus I think if anyone could out gay Damian from Mean Girls it would be you!" He chuckles like a teen girl and imitates a scene from the movie "I want my pink shirt back!"

Btw SE stands for Spies English.

It's basically advanced literacy with heaps of new languages and learn all the tips you need to know for going on missions.

"What ya mean?" I ask whilst stuffing my face with a muffin that Summer had saved me. Crumbs fall all over my jeans and I sigh in frustration.

"We'll for starters he has A GREAT ASS! His was carved by god, I'm telling you!! And he has this signature smile that all the girls fall for. "I'm guessing you consider yourself as a girl?" I ask and almost choke on my muffin when he nods. It's fun having a gay friend who can always make you laugh.

"I think you need to get your head out of the clouds". Says Summer with a knowing look. "He's like 25 and your what? 15? "I can dream Summer! I can dream!" He sighs dramatically and pretends to faint which causes the table to move and my oh so precious muffin to fall to its death.

"Noooooo!!!!!!!!!" I cry and lunge for my food but its too late because my baby has broken into segments on the ground.

"May my muffin rest in peace". I fake sob and glare at the murderer who only laughs, picks it up and stuffs it in his own glutinous mouth. "Ewww! Julian that's been on the floor! Do you know what's on the floor"? He just shrugs and continues to chew the contaminated muffin.

"We'll I guess you really are a guy then , I say in a bored and annoyed tone." "Mr Carter is our new SE teacher and he's so good looking! I heard Courtney Hoops tried to flirt with him yesterday and earned a Friday detention WITH HIM! Can you believe it! She'll probs try and suck his face off and who knows what else, I mean they are alone!!"

My mind goes back to Courtney's Hoops perfectly structured face and long dark brown hair. That bitch pushed me in the mud on my first day of school!

"So the whore got a slap on the wrist and that's it? She can have him for all I care but I'm getting the feeling that there's gonna be a lot of cat fights her way if people find out watch she's trying to do"!

Summer snorts and stands with her back pack just as the bell for class rings. She's always on time for class wether its her favourite subject or most hated.

"All that's left will be some fake hair extensions and thong".

"Yea I agree a lot of girls have there eyes on that guy but he's smart and answers quick so I reckon he's gonna make them pay for flirtatious acts of kindness.

Summer, Julian and I make our way through the jungle of students in the hall towards our SE class and get our books out. "Great I forgot my homework"! I sigh and look inside to see not mrs Bonzali my old SE teacher that had resigned but a beautiful creature that resembled god himself aka Mr Carter......I can't even believe I just thought that! Yuck bad thoughts, stop NOW!" I shake it from my head and watch my gay bud drool a puddle on the floor as the Toned teacher flexes and writes some mumbo jumbo on the board.

We all file into class and sit at random seats Ms Whore aka Courtney sits at the back and kicks her heeled feet her heeled feet up on the desk In front of her and blows a huge pink bubble gum circle that covers her face.

I cough "Whore"! As we walk past and she sends deadly daggers with her eyes at us from her position in her seat that might I add is giving us a great view of her crotch!Lose your virgu some where else PLEASE!

We sit on the second last row and Summer leans over and signals for us to follow. "I bet sir is having a hard time controlling himself with all that Slutyness I front of him.

The teacher seemed strangely calm as he doesn't smile at us or nervously play with a pen like all the others.

" today class, were not going to learn how to spell fuck of in French and throw paper planes at the kid who fell asleep.

Today were doing something called TSQ stands for The Spy Quiz."

"You!" He looks with pale green eyes at me and I stare back unimpressed. "What's the first thing you need to do before braking into the presidents house? "Take out the security guards?" I ask hopefully but he just laughs and points to Ms whore "The one who likes to try and bang 25 year olds, what do you think?"

At this the whole class except for Courtney's cronies Whore1 and Whore2 die in laughter as Courtney's face reddens and she answers annoyance clear in her voice.

"You have to get evidence eg pictures" like its the most obviously thing in the world. "Wrong again"! Hollers Carter.

He then sits sighs as if we're incredibly hard to teach and announces in a bored tone "the first thing you do, which all of you should know is......check for cameras REMEMBER THERE ARE EYES EVERY WHERE!

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