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So I don't want to explain what they're wearing in all their POV's so

Elsa Arendelle❄: white denim shorts, light blue tank top,white elbow length blazer-type jacket and light blue heels. She has her hair in her usual braid at the side.

Jack Frost⛄: his blue hoodie, brown pants and black vans (oh yah! XD)

Rapunzel Corona🌸: light pink top with white string fringe at the bottom,violet elbow length blazer-type jacket, White jeans and light pink flats. Her hair is tied into her plait (it goes up to her waist)

Hiccup Haddock🐉: black shirt, blue jeans with green vans (vans!! XO)

Merida DunBroch🎯: red and white checkered shirt,red blazer-type jacket, blue denim shorts with those chain thingys, red converses and her hair is her usual hair: curly!!

MEEEE!! (Crystal Flame) ((my name is actually Lia)) 💎: Illuminous Pink belly top with fringe,striped Illuminous pink and white striped blazer-type jacket, white denim shorts and white flats. My hair is blonde, hip long and it's straight . (Btw I am in the story coz I want to be in it) this is on the first day when the schools collide


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