Chapter 21 - Missing

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I sat on my bed, thinking of what I should do next, I have seen no sign of Ssundee, I don't even know how I'd explain it to him without him killing me.

I look to the empty bed next to me, Squeaker had gone out hunting for us both, she should be back soon.

My thoughts were interrupted by a knock on the door. I stood up to get it, knowing it wasn't Squeaker, she doesn't knock.

I opened the door, and there stood a man with sunglasses on. He wore a suit with a red and yellow tie, and had jet black hair.

"Um...hi" he said, scratching the back of his head. I could tell from his voice and accent that he wasn't from around where the others lived.

"Hi, do you want to come in?" I said, trying to be polite. He nodded and looked at the floor as he walked in.

He sat down in a seat, and rested his blocky hands on his knees. I sat opposite him, feeling very awkward.

"Listen, I'm sorry for not sticking up for you that day and leaving, I could tell you weren't as you were before as you wouldn't just barge into a place you knew contained everyone who your past self tried to kill."

I smiled.

"It's fine, I was confused, but I'm finding out the truth bit by bit. I haven't come to you yet because apparently I didn't do anything to hurt you physically." I said, looking down as I said the last bit.

Bodil nodded, and stood up.

"I just wanted to apologise, May I leave?"

I stood up and opened the door to let him out. He walked through, but doing and looking at me for a second.

"I forgive you, from before." He said, and started walking again until he was out of my sight.

I stood at the door for a couple of minutes, just staring off into the distance, then I smiled to myself. Another person unintentionally forgiving me.

I could the door and looked out of the window, suddenly realising that the sun was going down and Squeaker isn't back.

No need to worry, I told myself. She'll be back.

I lay on my bed and shut my eyes slowly, going that my girlfriend will be there to greet me the next day.


A figure sat in the darkness, what seemed to be in a cave. Mobs surrounded the person, weapons at the ready to strike.

From the looks of the figure, she had long hair so I think it's female. She cowered in the corner as another figure approached her.

The shadow knelt down next to her, brushing her cheek with his hand.

"Not long now dear, let's see how much your boyfriend loves you."

The person turned, and I could see his face, his bright white eyes illuminating the cave slightly.


He moved his face closer to the girl's face, illuminating her. She had bright blue eyes and brown hair.


~**End Of Dream**~

I jerked up in my bed, panting. I looked to the bed next to me to find it empty. It's true. Herobrine has Squeaker...

The sun had begun to rise so I grabbed my best armour and sword and headed to the village. Seeking help.

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