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Happy New Year guys! I'm glad you guys are liking the book so far. Enjoy chapter 4! :)

I had approximately one hour before my shift started at the bakery. That meant I needed to compile my furniture list in 35 minutes and head out, or else I would be late. And extremely out of breath due to unwilling running.

Other than my lack of stamina when it came to cardio, my ribs surprisingly really hurt still. I had noticed a pressing ache this morning, when I woke up just before dawn to clean up the disaster in my house. I had slept sitting down too, so my neck and back also stiff, and I was just uncomfortable all around.

It was a Friday, so I still had one more day of school. Normally I'd be eager because free education, but this time there were some moments where it just hurt a little too much to even pay attention.

Despite my minor injuries, I had things to get done! Things like getting new furniture.

It was a little embarrassing to ask, "Do you have any kitchen appliances that can withstand being thrown?" But I had no time to waste.

The employee was taken aback by my question. "Well what kind of appliance are we looking for now?"

"Hmm. Let's start with a toaster."

"Sure thing," she nodded. Though she was flustered earlier, she recovered quickly and lead me right to an area with sparkling toasters displayed on every table.

"See, we have a lot of sturdy toasters, all with great reviews. I'm sure they can handle, uh, being thrown around a bit."

"Great, thank you," I smiled as I began browsing. The worker left to aid someone else, so it was just me and three billion toasters. I took out my pen and journal to write down which one I was interested in. There was one nearby that seemed decent due to its roundness, and it was pretty affordable too.

"So why are you tossing around your kitchenware?" a voice asked teasingly from beside me.

I jumped a little in the middle of my writing, my handwriting smudging a bit. I glanced to see who spoke, and my eyes were blessed.

A guy my age smiled down at me, two blond locks of hair falling around his face, brown roots showing. He was cute, and it matched his teasing voice well. His eyes were a beautiful crystal blue, and I could only see it after he finished checking me out.

"I just want to make sure they're durable," I said in a duh tone.

He blinked, trying to picture me throwing around toasters to check for their strength.

"Huh, you just sound like trouble to me," he retorted.

"Don't be mean, I'm just a savvy buyer!" I giggled.

He gave me a radiant smile, then peeked at my notepad. "Well if that's the case, which one are you planing to get? My last toaster almost burnt my house down. My friend's a doctor and saves lives on the daily, but his cooking skills could literally kill someone," he chuckled.

I couldn't help but laugh with him. "Why would a toaster be on fire?"

The boy only shook his head. "Why would a toaster be thrown?" he asked. "Anyway, help me be a savvy buyer too!"

I glanced at my watch and sighed. "I'd love to, but I have to get going in about 30 minutes. I'm just listing down what I want to save up for."

He hooked his arm through mine, and my eyes widened at the contact before he said eagerly, "Then I'll be the one to help you. What are you looking for next?"

I instinctively wanted to push him away, so used to being manhandled by my mother, but he didn't seem ill-intentioned, just a forward type of person. And it was also apparent that his hold was very gentle.

"Maybe a coffee table?" I finally replied.

"Okay, let's start with that," he said, leading us toward the table section.

We stopped to analyze the array of coffee table displays and boxes.

"What material are you planning to get?"

I liked how thoughtful he was about this, but I couldn't imagine his beautiful model self in a furniture store employee outfit.

"My last coffee table was wooden, but it's broken now. I was thinking of getting a glass one, but I'm worried that it will hurt when it breaks," I said.

He stopped and slowly gave me an odd look.

I realized my mistake, trying to fix it.  "Um... if it were to break. We put some heavy stuff on it." I lied. I hope he didn't notice, but my lying skills were horrendous.

"Right, well—"

Before he could address my peculiar response, he was interrupted by a massive guy—pure hot muscle and sun-kissed skin—coming down the aisle. "Gabriel, did you pick the new toaster?"

Gabriel faced his friend. "Not yet, but I found this little cutie," he replied, gesturing to me.

I waved timidly at the imposing man, but my shyness washed away instantly when he smiled welcomely at me. He looked so boyish with his smile, despite being twice my size.

"Hello there little cutie, I'm Silas," he introduced himself, extending his hand out.

"I'm Sang," I reached out to shake it, and I couldn't help but stare at my small hand in his warm one. He seemed to like it too, as it took a while before he willingly let go.

"Your name is Sang?" Gabriel repeated. "Fuck, even her name is cute."

"Gabe," Silas admonished, "don't swear in front of a lady. You should apologize."

Gabriel rolled his eyes. "Okay. Sorry for cussing, Silas."

"Hey! I meant Sang!"

"It was a joke."

I couldn't help but giggle at their banter. When they both heard me, they immediately gave me amused grins.

"Even her laugh is cute!" Gabriel declarer.

It made me giggle even more, until the dull throb in my ribs came back. My laughter ceased and I cringed back.

"Hey, are you okay?" Silas asked, closing in on me.

"Oh, I'm fine. My... stomach just hurts," I murmured, my hands instinctively rubbing against my ribs, as if it would make that persistent ache go away.

They looked at me, a bit unconvinced. Embarrassed by their concerned glances, my eyes fell to the floor.

Silas finally said to Gabriel, "Okay well, we really need to buy that toaster. Victor said he has somewhere to be in a bit with Luke."

My eyes widened in shock, instantly recognizing those names.

Of course all of these handsome guys in town were friends.

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