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Hey guys! I noticed some spelling/grammar issues but I don't want to republish and flood your notifications so let's just pretend they're not there HAHA. Anyway a lot happened the past couple days! My sister, my bestie, has gone off to Florida (the other side of the country), I got my first real job as a phonetics teacher (I sell art on the side—does not make as much bank as I need to support my adventures), and I successfully moved! Despite all the good events of break, school starts tomorrow for me, and I am not hyped lol wish me luck.

Anyway, hope you enjoy chapter 5! :)


Silas went to fetch that toaster Gabriel never picked out, while Gabriel stayed with me when Luke found us.

"Hey Cupcake! We were just going to visit you at the bakery," Luke said as he entered the aisle. He was dressed in a casual fit, with a nice tan coat over a shirt and black jeans. Hid golden hair fell around his face, and he approached with such a beautiful confidence.

I couldn't help but smile at his excited look. "You're so sweet."

Even though we just met yesterday, he had no qualms about taking me into his strong arms to hug me tightly in greeting. Even his scent was as sweet as vanilla and sugar. I wouldn't have problems with marveling in his arms forever too if it didn't effect my rib cage. "Ow," I grimaced, softly pushing him back a bit.

"Sorry, did I hug you too tight?" He asked worriedly, looking down at me. His hands still rested on my waist, mine on his chest from when I pushed to create distance between us.

I didn't want to hurt his feelings, so I shook my head adamantly. "No, of course not."

"Sang's stomach hurts right now," Gabriel offered in explanation.

Luke didn't seem suspicious, but he did look over me in concern.

"Sang... maybe you're not eating enough cupcakes," he said solemnly. He even moved his hands to my shoulders to add to the gravity of his statement.

"Perhaps so," I tried to agree seriously, but smiled nonetheless.

"I like you," Luke chuckled, finally stepping back.

"So this is the girl you were raving about all night?" Gabriel noted. "You didn't mention how cute she was."

Gabriel was obsessed with my cuteness.

It's okay, he's pretty cute too.

"Well duh, I wouldn't want you taking her away." Luke smiled shamelessly, putting an arm over my shoulder. His constant proximity to me had me flustered. He was such a sweetheart, it would be easy to like someone like him. I admired his profile view as he said to Gabriel, "I'm going to be her first texting buddy!"

"That's nice," Gabriel mused. "Be careful though Lukey, she throws her toasters around. She might hit you with one if you don't text back fast enough."

"Hey, meanie!"

Gabriel stuck his tongue out at me, and I wanted to retort back at him but his childish expression was just too cute not to laugh at.

"Stop distracting me from shopping Gabriel," I mock scolded. "I have to go to work soon."

Luke looked at me. "The bakery is a solid 5 minute drive," he whined.

"Who said I'm driving?" I asked as I ventured toward the coffee tables to get a closer look.

I turned back and saw Luke and Gabe share a conspiring look, and I instantly knew they were a very mischievous duo.

"We shall give you a ride, Sang. Have no fear," Luke declared.

"Oh yes, how could you ever walk with such a terrible stomach ache," Gabriel added, shivering at the mere thought of such a torturous act.

"I'm really okay, the walk is just a couple blocks away," I answered.

"I insist. It's the least I can do to make sure you safely get to the bakery so you can bake more delicious cupcakes," Luke replied.

I couldn't help but appreciate how generous they were. Which reminded me of the 200 dollars they left on the table yesterday.

An idea struck me. "If you give me a ride, I'd have to pay you. It's only fair."

Luke sighed, putting out his hand expectantly. I was surprised at how easily he accepted. And then he said, "Fine, I'll charge you a quarter. Just so I can get those candy things at the mall."

"Fucker!" Gabriel protested, necking him.

"Hmm," I pulled out my wallet. "I don't have any coins on me but... I have these two 100 bills!" I shoved it into his hand and bolted to the next aisle, just so I was within hearing range.

That was their 200 from yesterday and I dare say it was a pretty convenient way to give it back.


"I told you she was trouble," Gabriel cackled.

"I'll see you at the bakery!" I called, sprinting out of the furniture store.

Did I mention I had the running ability of a fish in air?

I made it just past the entrance of the store before I took my much needed break.

"Oh dear," I paused, taking a huge inhale. My ribs felt like they were on fire and I was not ready to become a human BBQ. I almost audibly wheezed in my need for air (mind you I ran the length of two aisles), when I heard someone approach me.


The regal voice.

I felt like an actual peasant trying to breathe in his presence.

"Oh Victor, hello," I mustered a smile, turning to face him. "I was just talking to your friends."

Victor smirked in amusement, a really good look on his beautifully charming face. It almost knocked the nonexistent breath out of me. "Just talked? You just Lightning McQueen'd your way out of the store."

"I... I what now?"

He stared at me in bewilderment. "You've never watched Cars?"

"No," I admitted. "I'm not really into cars..."

"It's a Disney movie," he explained.

I'm embarrassed, feel free to kill me. "Oh."

He simply shrugged it off before saying "Next time we hangout, we'll watch all the Disney movies!"

I was a little hesitant at first, but they did offer to visit me at work too. It wouldn't hurt to spend more time with them, especially since they've been nothing but kind to me. "Sounds like a plan," I smiled shyly.

"Great. I'll see you at the bakery Sang," Victor said.

"Yeah, I'll see you!" I replied, taking my leave. I could feel him watch as I walked away.

I wish I took them up on that offer for a ride.

And I forgot to finish picking out my furniture!

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