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Inquiring Bliss by lexiloo7
Inquiring Blissby lexi
John Oliver Ambrose has been filled with anxiety his whole life. Finally deciding to leave the past behind and get a fresh start Oliver decides to put himself out ther...
The Cost of Silence by Hazel_Aggele
The Cost of Silenceby Maria Robertson
15 year old Sang is abused downtrodden and neglected, But she doesn't let it faze her. Her family is about to find out that you can't keep a good Sang down. Join Sang o...
Always & Forever by KCPipkin89
Always & Foreverby KCPipkin89
This is an Academy FanFiction including all 14 boys from Ghost Bird and Scarab Beetle. I thought I had found love, or at least the start of it. Turns out I was naive. Th...
The Elites by ShantiLynn
The Elitesby Shanti Lynn
When Kayli Winchester was 16, she met 5 guys who she fell in love with. Shortly after, she made choice to leave them behind to save her brother, Wil, from being separate...
Loving Sang by KCPipkin89
Loving Sangby KCPipkin89
This is an Academy fanfiction including both SB and GB teams. Sang has always lived a life of secrecy. Staying hidden from everyone, including her own family, to avoid...
The Girl That No One Noticed... by Puppies59
The Girl That No One Puppies59
Sang Sorenson a girl with a past and secrets she wants to forget, she escaped the worst of it at 16 to travel the world and learn all sorts of things, she's not the weak...
Academy of Monsters by KCPipkin89
Academy of Monstersby KCPipkin89
This is an Academy fanfiction involving all 14 guys from Ghost Bird and Scarab Beetle with Sang. Also involves Monster High-like characters and plotline. All they wante...
Abandoned by Lyannaxoxo
Abandonedby Lyannaxoxo
when the Blackbourne- Toma team went on a year long mission to find new recruits they didn't think that they would succeed in that because of the high rate of violence a...
The Tainted Rose by KCPipkin89
The Tainted Roseby KCPipkin89
Academy Fanfiction featuring all 14 GB+SB boys. Sang isn't proud of the things she's had to do to survive. She was forced to leave her home at the young age of fifteen...
The Missing Elemental Link by KCPipkin89
The Missing Elemental Linkby KCPipkin89
This is an Academy fanfiction involving all 14 guys from Ghost Bird and Scarab Beetle with Sang. Also involves being a The Fifth Element fanfiction. Every 5000 years...
Godly Gifts by killingitwithkayy
Godly Giftsby kay
Academy Fanfic not sure where i'm going with this yet but it's going
Social Pranks and Experiments (The Academy GB + SB) by btsawakejin
Social Pranks and Experiments ( btsawakejin
These are fun stories about Sang and the guys getting caught up in social pranks and experiments. How would they react, and what would they do? NOTICE: I do not own any...
Their troublemaker by Emmax1234
Their troublemakerby Needsleep
Winter king is 17 year old moved from maryland Gaithersburg to Charleston South Carolina with her twin little brothers. They move in the same time sang and her family d...
Academy One Shots by bree032
Academy One Shotsby bree032
Sang spending time with Ghostbird and Scarab beetle boys. -This is something my friend and I decided to do for fun as all characters belong to C.L. Stone-
Academy One Shots by KCPipkin89
Academy One Shotsby KCPipkin89
Hey everyone! This is just a place for me to put my Academy one-shots and writing challenges from The Academy Fanfiction group. I wanted somewhere for you guys to see s...
Sinfully Pleasurable by realllyreilly
Sinfully Pleasurableby ☾ ry ☽
It's been a year and half since Sang Sorenson has last seen the boys who stole her heart and changed her life forever. Since then, a lot has changed. She's in a new rel...
The New Girl - Samantha Saville (The Academy Fanfiction) by FanficReverseHaremW
The New Girl - Samantha Saville ( Miko12318
Samantha Saville ain't one bit of an ordinary girl. Not even close. She's surrounded by plenty of brothers, older and younger. But they never caused her so much stress a...
Unconditional by hanthewriter
Unconditionalby Han
Sang Sorensen is a doctor. Only months away from her nineteenth birthday she's relocated by the Academy to a small hospital in Charleston, South Carolina to finish her r...
Sang's Solace by andtheniwaslike
Sang's Solaceby andtheniwaslike
Sang Sorensen has always been an independent soul. But when everything comes crashing down, will she learn to put her trust in the people in her life? After all, family...