Returning Shogun

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Note: Yuuta will remain in his Dark Flame Master clothes for the remainder of the story XD

Note: Yuuta will remain in his Dark Flame Master clothes for the remainder of the story XD

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The morning sunlight gleamed through Yuuta's window. His door opened and a girl came in. Yuuta said, "What are you doing up Rikka?". Rikka put her hand to her eye and replied, "I am preparing to transfer to a new dimension". Yuuta sat up. "Transfer?". Rikka nodded. Yuuta thought for a moment. "Oh crap!" Yuuta jumped out of bed. "We're transferring today!". Yuuta ran past Rikka and got ready.

About 20 minutes later both were at the door. "Ready?" Yuuta asked. "Yep". When they opened the door a man stood in front of them. "Uh, hey. I'm here to move your stuff to your new place. Is this the right address?". Yuuta and Rikka were moving into the school dorms. "Yeah, thanks a lot!". Yuuta responded. "No, problem. I'll make sure that your stuff gets to your new place safe and sound by sundown". "I doubt that he'll get done that fast but it would be great if he could" Yuuta thought to himself. Yuuta remembered he was bringing something he had not seen in quite some time. He ran to his room and opened his closet and pulled out a small box. Rikka walked in the room knelt beside Yuuta. She looked at the box. "Is that a top secret weapon to hide from-". Yuuta hit Rikka sharply on the head. "I'm going to stop you right there. It's not a weapon but it is pretty epic". Yuuta opened the box. Inside was a launcher grip, a black string launcher, a beylogger, and a bey. "This is my old partner, Arc Leviathan!". Rikka looked at Leviathan and said, "I've seen these before". Rikka thought for a moment. She hung her head. "I forgot". "It's called beyblade. I used to do it a lot more as a kid". "I was thinking about getting one but there are so many." Rikka said. "You can create your own. There are scientists that can make custom beys so it is possible". "When I get mine I want to battle you first!" Rikka said as she pointed to Yuuta. Yuuta smiled. "I'm looking forward to it. Come on, we're going to be late".

Yuuta and Rikka headed for the train station. There they met up with Nibutani, Kumin, and Dekamori. They talked about how they felt about moving and what clubs they were going to join. Nibutani noticed Yuuta was holding Leviathan and said, "Hey Yuuta. What's that in your hand?". Yuuta looked at his hand and realized he forgot to put Leviathan in his bag. "Oh, this is my old partner, Leviathan". "That's A beyblade huh? Those are pretty popular now". "He has chosen his partner well." Rikka added. "Leviathan was said to be a great sea dragon of long ago. Its scales were unbreakable and it's fire-". Yuuta hit Rikka on the head again. "That's not why I chose it." Yuuta looked at Leviathan and thought for a moment. "Well, I don't know much about it, but I think there's a beystadium over there. We have a bit of time before the train comes". Yuuta looked at the stadium. There were a few people battling. "Might as well. I haven't battled anyone in a while, so this is pretty exciting." Yuuta said. They walked over to the stadium and saw the beys battling. "So cool!" Rikka said excitedly. "Hey, sorry to interrupt but do any of you want to battle?" Yuuta said to the boys. "Sure, the more the merrier." Yuuta stood in front of the stadium and held out Leviathan. "Arc Leviathan will be your opponent." He pulled out his launcher and locked Leviathan onto it. "Ok, let's do this!". One of the boys stepped in front of the stadium on the other side. "Ok, I'll go first, just so you know, I'm pretty strong so don't get upset if you lose". The boy said as he loaded his launcher and grabbed his rip cord. "3! 2! 1! Go, Shoot!" Both beys flew into the stadium. "Ok, here we go! It's time to-". As soon as Leviathan hit the boy's bey, it burst instantly. "N-no way!" the boy jumped back in disbelief. The other boy laughed and said, "You lost in one hit? You're weaker than I thought you were". The first boy turned around and yelled, "Well let's see if you can do better then!".  The other boy walked to the stadium and pulled out his launcher. "We won't lose as easily. You'll see". Yuuta loaded his launcher again and said, "Don't get to cocky". "3! 2! 1! Go, Shoot!" Both beys landed in the stadium. "Let's show him how it's done! Go-". Once again the boy's bey burst on impact. "W-what?". The other boys started laughing at the second. "Hey stop laughing!". The two boys did not, they continued to laugh. The second boy turned to Yuuta and asked, "Hey, just who are you? You won with one hit, without even breaking a sweat". Yuuta grabbed Leviathan and replied, "My name is Yuuta Togashi. To be honest, This was my first couple of battles in about two years". The two boys stopped laughing as soon as they heard how long it was since Yuuta had battled. "What!" they all said in unison. "Hey, wait a sec. His face, and his clothes. Don't they looked familiar?" one of the boys said. "Hmm? Yeah you're right!". The second boy responded. The third boy's eyes widened and quickly turned his head to Yuuta. "No way! Are you saying that HE'S him?". The two boys nodded. Then the three ran up to Yuuta and stopped in front of him. Yuuta slightly stepped back. "Are you the Shogun?" they all said in unison. Yuuta tilted his head. "Shogun? I have no idea what you're talking about". The boys stepped closer and this time Yuuta took a full back. "You can't fool us. We saw your last battle. We even have a picture of one of your tournaments." One of the boys said as he took out his phone and showed Yuuta a picture of him standing in front of the stadium with Leviathan in his hand. Rikka came behind Yuuta and looked at the picture. "You're a shogun?". Yuuta looked at Rikka and said, "That was a long time ago". One of the boys jumped at Yuuta and yelled, "So you don't deny it! You ARE the shogun!".  The Dark Flame Master? A shogun? Sounds like you have some explaining to do, Dark Flame Master." Dekamori said. "Please don't call me that" Yuuta said as he turned his head to Dekamori. "Dark Flame Master? You can't deny it now. You used to call yourself that all the time." One of the boys budded in. "Like I said, that was a long time ago". Just then, the train came. Nibutani and Kumen headed for the train. "Come on you guys. Don't get left behind." Nibutani said. Rikka and Dekamori followed close behind them. Yuuta walked beside Rikka and she whispered to him, "A shogun. Are you a shogun over all dragons? Or  how about-" Yuuta hit Rikka on the head. "Can you please let that go" Yuuta whispered back. When they got to the train, Kumin spoke to Yuuta. "So, first couple of battles after two years and you beat them both with burst finishes. Pretty impressive Togashi". Yuuta looked at Kumin surprised. "You know how the point system works?" Yuuta asked. Kumen nodded. "Yep. Some of my cousins have beys and I battle with them sometimes". "Huh. Never would've guessed." Yuuta replied. Then, someone from the crowded train car stood in the middle and said, "Did I hear someone say something about beyblade? If so, then I challenge you to a battle. Whoever you are, come out! My Cosmic Orion will win no matter what!". Yuuta looked at the blader and said, "What's your name?". The boy looked at Yuuta and said, "My name is Sam. What's yours?". Sam had white hair, purple eyes, a shirt with what looked to be a whole galaxy on it, and black jeans.  "My name is Yuuta Togashi". "Well Yuuta Togashi. Nice to meet ya'. Are you a blader too?". Yuuta pulled out Leviathan and held it to Sam. "Yep. Leviathan and me are the best around!". "*Tsk tsk*. It's not nice to lie to others or yourself". Yuuta tightened his hand. "What!?". Sam started laughing. "I'm just kidding. I'm sure that you and your bey are real strong but I'm definitely stronger!" Sam said confidently. Kumen came in-between them and said, "There's a train car back there with a beystadium if you want to battle each other". Yuuta looked at the door and then to each other. Then Sam tore off towards the train car. Sam came through the door and said, "Yes! I won the race!". Yuuta slowly walked through the door. "We weren't racing. But if we were, you still would have won". "Yep, you know why?". Yuuta covered his eye with his hand and said, "Because you were closer to the door". Sam's facial expression changed. "Ok, maybe that's why I won. But that doesn't change the fact that I won." Sam said with a grin. A voice came from the ceiling. "Attention passengers. We are almost at Beigoma Academy. For new transfer students, we hope that you have a great first day of school". "Well that was nice of them" Yuuta said. "You transferring to Beigoma Academy too?" Sam asked. "Yuuta nodded. "Yep. It looks like we'll be seeing a lot more of each other". Sam took out his launcher and said, "Cool, let's get this battle started before the train stops". Yuuta pulled out his launcher as well and loaded Leviathan onto it. "3! 2! 1! Go, Shoot!". Leviathan and Orion flew into the stadium. Orion quickly went to the center. "Ok, everything's going according to plan."  Sam said. Leviathan raced around the stadium. "Ok, Leviathan. Go for it!" Leviathan hit the wall and went straight towards Orion. "Not gonna work!" Leviathan bounced right off of Orion. "Try again!" Leviathan attacked Orion again but it had no effect. "Too bad. Orion has some bending rubber on it, plus it has the Absorb driver. So at any moment..." Just then, Orion tore off just as Leviathan was about to hit it. "Orion can surprise it's opponent at any moment. Now, Solar Blast!". Orion sped around the stadium and hit leviathan. "Hang on Leviathan." Leviathan kept getting pushed back until it was at the edge of the stadium. "Push it out Orion!". "Get out of the way Leviathan!". Leviathan barely dodged Orion's final attack. "So close!". Yuuta looked at Leviathan. It was running low on stamina. "Come on. Just a little longer". Leviathan slowly ran out of stamina as Orion returned to the center. "How's that? The absorb driver is a pretty good balance of attack and stamina, huh?". Yuuta picked up Leviathan, then looked at Sam. "Pretty close to knocking me out". Yuuta thought for a moment. "I may be able to use his Solar Blast to my advantage. I haven't used my old move in a while. But I know that we can pull it off". "Hey, ready to finish this up?" Sam said impatiently. "Sure". The two loaded their launchers and got ready to continue their battle. Then Rikka opened the door and walked to a corner of the room. "Oh, hey Rikka" Yuuta said. "Who is she? Oh wait. I get it. You're one of my fans, right?". Rikka shook her head and answered, "Not even close". Sam's mouth dropped. "What? You're kidding". Rikka continued to shake her head. "Ok then, I'll just show you how strong I am" Sam said as he readied his launcher. "I will forever cheer for the Dark Flame Master" RIkka said. "3! 2! 1! Go, Shoot!". Both beys once again flew into the stadium. "Ok, time for a change of pace!". Orion was speeding around the stadium close to Leviathan. "Perfect timing!" Yuuta yelled. "What!?". "Let's do this Leviathan! Typhoon Wind!". Leviathan was on the outer edge of the stadium and slowly came towards Orion. When the beys clashed Orion moved towards the center of the stadium. "You think that's gonna work? We'll just come back out!". "Not happening!" Yuuta replied. Leviathan continued to hit Orion until it was on the inner part of the stadium. Soon, Leviathan had made a blurry wall around Orion, making it impossible to escape. "There has to be an opening, how about there? Or there?". Orion attempted to escape but failed over and over again. "Now, finish this Leviathan!". A dark blue aura appeared around Leviathan and a beast was coming out of the bey. When Leviathan was fully out of the bey, It attacked Orion. When Leviathan hit Orion it burst it on impact. "No way!". "All right. Way to go Leviathan!". Sam stared at the pieces of Orion. He picked them up, put them back together, and walked over to Yuuta. "Hey, you're really strong. You're special move was awesome. And you and your bey are definitely stronger than me for now. But we won't lose next time! " Sam said holding Orion to Yuuta. Yuuta started to laugh. "Ok, then. In that case, from now on we're rivals!" He said holding Leviathan to Orion and clinked them together. "Make sure to get and perfect your Solar Blast. To be honest it almost had me worried". Sam put his hands behind his head and replied, "Yeah, I do that to a lot of people". Suddenly the train stopped. "Attention Passengers, we are now at the Beigoma academy". Sam ran to the door and opened it. "You and Leviathan get stronger too. If we're the only ones getting stronger it'll be pretty easy to surpass you". Sam then ran out the door and out of the train. "You can count on it!". And so begins the journey of the returning Shogun, Yuuta Togashi, back on the path to the best blader in the world!

Part 2 Coming Soon! XD

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