Returning Shogun

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Note: Yuuta will remain in his Dark Flame Master clothes for the remainder of the story XD

Note: Yuuta will remain in his Dark Flame Master clothes for the remainder of the story XD

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The morning sunlight gleamed through Yuuta's window. His door opened and a girl came in. "What are you doing up Rikka?" Yuuta said. Rikka put her hand to her eye and replied, "I am preparing to transfer to a new dimension". Yuuta sat up. "Transfer?". Rikka nodded. Yuuta thought for a moment. "Oh crap!" Yuuta jumped out of bed. "We're transferring today!". Yuuta ran past Rikka and got ready.

Due to unseen circumstances', Icho Private High School, the school Yuuta and Rikka attended, was shut down for the time being for remodeling and repairs. Thus, to continue with the school year, some of the students were arranged to be temporarily transferred.

About 20 minutes later both were at the door. "Ready?" Yuuta asked. "Yep." When they opened the door a man stood in front of them with a clipboard in hand. "Uh, hey. I'm here to move your stuff to your new place. Is this the right address?" Yuuta looked at the man and smiled. "Yeah, thanks a lot!" Yuuta responded. "No, problem. I'll make sure that your stuff gets to your new place safe and sound by sundown."

"I doubt that he'll get done that fast but it would be great if he could," Yuuta thought to himself. Yuuta's eyes then widened, as if he remembered something.

He ran to his room and opened his closet and pulled out a small box. Rikka walked into the room knelt beside Yuuta. She looked at the box.

"Is that a top-secret weapon to hide from-". Yuuta hit Rikka sharply on the head. "I'm going to stop you right there. It's not a weapon but it is pretty epic." Yuuta opened the box. Inside was a launcher grip, a black string launcher, a beylogger, and a bey.

"This is my old partner, Arc Leviathan!" Yuuta said as he held the bey to the light. Rikka looked at Leviathan and said, "I've seen these before". Rikka thought for a moment. She hung her head. "I forgot what they're called." "It's called Beyblade. I used to do it a lot more as a kid."

"I was thinking about getting one but there are so many," Rikka said. "You can create your own. Some scientists can make custom beys so it is possible. Rikka's eyes lit up. "When I get mine I want to battle you first!" Rikka said as she pointed to Yuuta. Yuuta smiled. "I'm looking forward to it; but for now, come on. We're going to be late."

As Yuuta and Rikka headed for the train station, they met up with Nibutani, Kumin, Ishiki, and Dekomori. They talked about how they felt about moving and what clubs they were going to join, as well as whether or not to establish their after-school club there.

As they talked, Nibutani noticed the launcher on Yuuta's side. "Hey, Yuuta. What is that?" She questioned as she pointed to it. Yuuta looked at his belt and realized he forgot to put it in his bag. "Oh, this is for my old partner, Leviathan." He said, taking out the bey. "That's a Beyblade, huh? Those are pretty popular now."

"He has chosen his partner well," Rikka added. "Leviathan was said to be a great sea dragon of long ago. Its scales were unbreakable and it's fire-". Yuuta hit Rikka on the head. "That's not why I chose it." Yuuta looked at Leviathan and thought for a moment. "Well, I don't know much about it, but I think there's a beystadium over there. We have a bit of time before the train comes," Kumin said drowsily.

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