Chapter 23

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When I woke up we were home, Kid was sleeping beside me. Something felt different though, I don't know what it was, but my stomach was feeling.... Off. I shrugged it away and got up, wobbling a little. I got dressed and went to make breakfast. Then I woke up the boys.

"Breakfast is ready!"

I heard groans of annoyance.

"Hey!! Get you asses up before I drag you up my damn self!!"

Then they were all in the dining room eating, Kid came up behind me and held me in his arms.

"Mmnn, good morning."

I smiled.

"Good morning."

He got stiff for a second.

"Are you feeling okay?"

"Fine, why?"

He shrugged.

"Just a weird feeling I guess."

I nodded.

"You should get to work soon."

I walked him to the door and he pulled me close, kissing me.

"You sure your okay?"

"Yes, I'm perfectly fine, I promise."

He sighed.

"I love you."

"I love you most, Kid."

Then he left. I walked back inside to see Crocodile waiting for me.


"Don't think I didn't notice that little present on your finger."

"Yeah, what of it?"

"Are you sure about this? Your not even out of high school yet."

"I've never been more sure about anything."

"Your positive he would never hurt you?"


He sighed.

"Alright, if this is what you want, then I can't say no."

I smiled.

"Thank you."

We just walked to the couch talking about the plan.

"As much as I hate to say it, we need Law's help on this."

I groaned and called him. He picked up soon after.


"Law, we need your help. The plan is going into effect today, and we need you on our side."

The line went quiet for awhile.

'Alright, I'll be there in 10.'

Then we hung up. I went upstairs to get battle clothes on.

 I went upstairs to get battle clothes on

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Now I feel ready for a fight, I smirked. I once again smiled at the ring on my hand. Then I left, the guys followed. We walked down to Kid's work. Kid was waiting for us, he was covered in grease and oil. I scrunched my nose.

"You need a shower."

He flicked my forehead and smirked.

"Maybe later."

I blushed, knowing what he meant.

After that we all left. We walked to the edge of town and waited. We knew Doflamingo had been keeping an eye on us. So we were using that to our advantage. Picking the battlefield instead of letting him do it for us. Soon Doflamingo, Claira, Kaido, a very large woman, and a girl with black hair and guns stood in front of us.


"Doflamingo, I stand by my daughter in this fight. I will no longer rule under you."

"If that's your decision, than you can die with her too."

He motioned his hand to the people standing behind him

Then we were fighting. Law against gun chick, Killer against fat woman, Crocodile against Doflamingo, Kid against Kaido, and me against Claira. I transformed, growling at her. She frowned angry.

"Whats going on?"

"What are you talking about?"

"Why do I sense two heartbeats, instead of one?"

Then it clicked in her head.

"Holy shit! Your pregnant!"

My eyes went wide, Kid heard. His eyes widened as well and he froze. Not paying attention Kaido ripped his non robotic arm off.

"Didn't I raise you better! Don't loose focus!"

Kid growled.

"Fuck you!"

Doflamingo yelled at Claira.

"Kill her! That child cannot be born!"

Claira came after me, creating a poison whip with her fingers. I covered my body with a sheet of ice, preventing the poison from reaching my skin.

"(Y,n), fall back, we can't have you getting hurt!" Crocodile yelled.

"Screw you old man, I'm perfectly capable of taking this bitch down without getting a single scratch on me!!"

"Quit talking!!" Claira screamed.

She was relentless, throwing spell after spell. My body was worn out, Kid was beaten and bloody. Everyone looked like they were on their last straw. Law was the first to fall, he fainted. Then it was Killer, and Crocodile. Kid could barely move, but he was pushing himself, a little to much. At this rate he was gonna kill himself. Tears fell down my face, we were losing....

No. I wouldn't let us fall like this. I have a future to look forward to now. Me, Kid, and our child, we were gonna live together, without worry. My mind went blank, everything around me turned white. Wings of ice formed on my back, my horns turned ice, my tail turned ice, even my claws became ice. I roared loudly, my own battle cry if you will. My eyes turned completely white. Cages of ice came down on every enemy. Thousands of ice soldiers formed at my will.

"You will not terrorize us any longer!"

The voice was not mine.

"You will be dethroned and sent to the depths of hell for all eternity!"

"No longer will people and demons fear you!"

"I don't ever want to see any of your faces around here ever again, or I will eradicate you!"

"Now get out of my sight!"

The soldiers dragged them all back to hell, except Claira.

"I want to have my own fun with you."

I cracked my knuckles.

"N-no, please don't kill me! I'll do anything, please!"

"You don't deserve mercy..."

"Y-you bitch!!"

With a flick of my fingers three soldiers came. One grabbed her head, the others grabbed her arms. She started screaming and thrashing around. Then with another flick of my fingers she was ripped apart. My powers then faded and I changed back to normal. I fainted right after, hearing Kid yell my name and catch me before I hit the ground.

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