What Hoes Have To Say

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Hola Wattpaders, it's Amy here. For your information, it's three am here in shitty England. So, Arabella and I are the only idiots that stayed up to make this. The funny thing is that two of our members (Kitten and Helen) don't actually know we made this. Lol. I can't wait to see how they react when we show them!

How it all started!

Well, Arabella and I were on smallworlds talking, as you do. And I just randomly said, "Hey! You have to check out HowBoysThink they're HIL-ARI-OUS!" They are. And then Belly just said we should make an original female version of them, and I agreed. There are some HowGirlsThink accounts out there, but we can tell it's just one girl pretending to be female body doubles of HowBoysThink. Have you guys noticed this too? We're legit.

We tried many names, but they were taken. Here are some fails: 

HoesOnWattpad                                                                                                                  UsHoesCanFly                                                                                                                         Hoes.com                                                                                                                         HoesHoesHoes                                                                                                          HowHoesThink

We wanted to be original; well as original as you can get when you're kind of a copy. And, 'hoe' is a cool word. So, I thought of HoesInWatterland. And Belly just laughed and said it was a cool name. But, then we had another problem. There was only two of us. So, without our friends' permission, we included them in the group. Shoutout to Helen and Kitten: Surprise!

We are actual real people, with actual unique brains, that actually live. We are NOT female copies of HowBoysThink. No one sleeps around here, no one skypes LOADS. But, if there was a computer freak it'd be me. I don't watch TV. Helen games, Kitten is just freaky smart and always answers questions with a full scientific explanation, Belly makes things (like this) and swears a lot, I read and write like the nerd I am. I'm obsessed with Criminal Minds so if you want to talk to me specifically, shoot us a message about that show with my name.

We've never met in real life (apart from Kitten and I) but we're really good friends. So, don't be asking things like, "Where did you meet?" because we'll reply by saying smallworlds. It's the truth.

Later in the book, we'll be responding to some of the things HowBoysThink have said. Because, we all disagree with some of the things that comes out of Clyde, the man-whore's, mouth. Dude, we girls don't want to be banged on the first date. Unless we're a slut, then bang away. But don't be making sexual jokes all night. It's annoying.

Amy Out.

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