Ever since I was born, my mother told me I was destined for greatness, to be a victor. She knew I would be strong and powerful. She knew one day I would be thrown into the slaughterhouse that every single child would volunteer to go into. The Hunger Games.

I've trained for this, my whole life I have trained. Swords and spears are my specialty or whatever I can get my hands on. The academy trainers ranked me top of my class, top of the whole academy actually.

There’s this girl, I’ve kept my eye on her. She’s fierce and a killer. Just like me. There’s something about her I just can’t stop thinking about. She throws knives and of course, she never misses. She’s ranked top of the females in the academy. Clove, her name is pinned inside my brain.

In less than a year, the 74th annual Hunger Games will be here. There will be a lot of bloodshed. We'll put on a show while I’m thirsty to kill the lives of the tributes.

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