"yoooooooo!" Jack screamed opening the door.

"hey!" we all giggled.

AS we we're welcomed into the bus, all 4 of us he introduced us to Matt, tour manager. Vinny, merch guy, guitar tech Danny, drum tech Grieco their sound dude Evan, Lighting dude Jeff and assitant tour manager Matt Colussy, how were all playing XBox on the sofa's.

"Hi!" we all greeted them and made our way outside to find Alex and Rian., sat playing Draw Something! against each other.

"Hey" i grinned at them both.

"Hey, uh Lux right?" Rian said not looking up from his iPhone.

"Yeah! you remember from last night?"

"Of course! i remember most of the fans, well the ones who make that biggest impressions at least!" he smirked now looking up at me, there's me, not realising Jack had taken Sam to hang out with Zack realising they had a lot in common when he noticed Sam's bridge camera hanging from his neck.

"wow.. hahah! that's so awesome!" I blushed.

After Rian had finshed his game and got up from his seat going inside.

"you want a drink or anything?" he smiled.

"uh what you got?" i answered.

"Coffee? Juice? Beer if yo really wanted one?"

"You got tea?" i said biting my lip.

"typical British, yeah i'll go get you one now! Anyone else?"

"not for me thanks" mam and Jess murmured. Jack came out from the bus fully dressed compared to earlier in black skinny jeans and his famous 'Boner' tee.

"Hey mumma Pindle!" he said flinging his arms around her acting as if he'd knew her his whole life.

"Uh hey Jack?" she said slight confused, while me and Jess just stood there and laughed. Jack took my mam and Jess off to show them around the bus while i went and sat with Alex who had just finished his draw something to Rian.

"Hey!" he shrieked.

"what's up?"

" Nothing much! and you?"

"yeah all good" i answered.

"what you wanna do today?" toning his voice higher than usual.

"I don't mind! you ever explored Cardiff?" i answered, weary of his response.

"explored, you say?" looking up at me, curious look on his face.

"yeah? you wanna go out somewhere? town? maybe we could do something fun?"

"Town it is! but after can we go bowling? pleeeeeease?" he pleaded.

"Sounds like a plan!"

"Woo! ill go ask the guys and we'll get off! we'll walk, is that okay?"

"sure ill go tell mam, Jess and Sam where we're going." i answered.

After i told mam and Jess i headed over to Zack and Sam who seemed to be bonding pretty well!

I grabbed Alex and off we went!

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