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"There's no way." I say, blocking him from going in the direction of my car.

"Please, Payton!" Carter begged me like he was five years old.

"I'm not babysitting you and your friends at The Fun Zone!" I exclaim. He made me skip class and wanted me to drive him and three friends to the all year round amusement park 20 minutes away.

"It's not babysitting! And don't act like you don't want to skip class for this!" he crossed his arms being completely serious.

"I don't want to skip class for this! It was hard enough to slip by those security guards, but someone is gonna-"  my voice stopped when I saw the figure exiting the school building.

"Hey! You kids!" the man in the bright red security jacket yelled. He started coming towards us on the far side of the lot.

"Get in!" I said to Carter, pushing him towards the door of the car, his friends following behind.

I quickly hopped in, started the car and drove out of the parking lot all in under a minute. I checked back in my rear view mirror and saw the security guard talking into his radio. We were going to be in so much trouble.

"I can't believe you made me do that." I say once we had stopped at a stop light. I heard his three friends in the back snicker and I threw the a look making them shut up immediately.

"I didn't make you do anything. You told me to get in your car." he said matter-of-factly. His eyes showed amusement and I scowled at him, which only made his smile widen.

I looked at him, the wildness growing inside me over what I had just done.

"I swear to god, Carter, if I get in trouble for doing this I am going to beat you so hard you-" hands suddenly grabbed the side of my neck and the far side of my face. Carter pulled me towards him and planted a huge kiss on my cheek, making a mwah! sound. I could feel his saliva on my face.

"Yuck!" I said, wiping the side of my face with my sleeve.

"If you didn't like that one I could always give you one somewhere-"

"Stop." I said, cutting him off and making him laugh. 

It was silent on the drive and when I pulled into the lot, Carter's three friends in the back, Max, Simon, and Danny, all piled out and ran inside, making as much noise as they could.

I got out slowly, not wanting to have to walk with Carter. But I kept the pissed off face on just in case he saw. I looked up at the big rides, remembering all the time I used to spend here with Stephanie and my real father back when I wasn't even five yet, back before everything happend.

"You should at least go on a few, so you don't look like the mothering parent." Carter said, walking next to me. I didn't respond, which just made him press harder. "I'll even buy you a bracelet if you want. Unlimited rides? I'll let you kiss me, because I know you want to." 

I finally cracked, a small smile appearing on my face. "Minus the last request, I'll take you up on that offer. And since it is Friday, I don't really mind that we skipped." I say, running ahead happily and hearing his footsteps follow quickly behind me.

"Two bracelets, please." I say as I reach the ticket window. The lady gives us the bracelets and Carter hands her the money. "You two kids have fun!" she said as we walked away.

"Where to first?" Carter asked 

I looked around and spotted Danny, Max and Simon in line to the Haunted Rollercoaster. I was on a complete high as the excitement built up inside of me.

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