Chapter 3 {Family Love}

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I threw the nearest thing on my bed's side table which happen to be my hairbrush at the bloody birds outside my window. Scaring those annoying brids.

"Seriously can't someone get a peaceful sleep around here" I rubbed my eyes very sleepy.

Yeah I not really a morning person not even in my past life.

"Oh Lady Cynthia, you're awake quite early today" came in Sarah, my personal maid greeted me cheerfully. Well at least someone happy on this terrible morning.

"Oh morning Sarah, it's just those bloody birds' fault. Tch I hate mornings" I glared at the window daring those fucking birds to come back.

"Lady Cynthia please stop glaring and a young lady like yourself shouldn't cuss" Sarah scolded.

"Whatever" I rolled my eyes. "And a lady shouldn't roll her eyes". Wait what h-how?! Seriously it's like she have eyes behind her head.

"No I don't"

W-what now she can read mind?!

"No Milady, you're just saying your thoughts out loud". Oh that make more sense.

"Anyway what do we have today?" I got out of bed.

"Well today you Milady have some lessons with Mr Billian following with trainings with Master Vincent this afternoon. Oh and I almost forgot, Young Master Damon had requested of me to remind Milady that the Young Master would be studying in the library so under any customised to disturb him. So that means no pranks or troubles Milady". Sarah gave me a pointed look.

"B-but but where the fun in that" I pouted. "Lady Cynthia" she says in a warning tone.

"Alright fine" I pouted even more.

"That's good, now Milady the tub is ready so better be quick" Sarah call out from the bathroom after filling the tub with warm water.

"Well no time better than the present, I guess" I took the clothes and enter the bathroom.

As the warm water touch my skin, I thought back about my life here. Currently I am six years old and life has been good to me, I guess. As you know Sarah is my personal maid but you might not know that had been with me since I was three. She is eight years older than me. That may seem young for a maid but she was the granddaughter of our pervious head maid. Sarah's parents had gave her up as a baby to her grandmother. Thankfully my father didn't mind and Sarah had been trained to become a maid just like her grandmother.

Well I know Sarah's parents are the absolute worst but the only one good thing they ever did was giving Sarah to her grandmother. If it won't for them, I would never had met her. She likes the bubbly older sister that I have always wanted. She helps keep me in check most of the time.

Other than that, I had been training my swordsmanship with Damon and dad. Actually they refuse at first but after a few blackma-I mean pleading and thanks to my puppy dog's eyes, I managed to change their mind.

Meanwhile my magic has still to be unlocked but soon when I turn seven, I'll have the Coming of Age Ritual where it will unlock my magical core. Based on the game, Cynthia had very weak magic and terrible swordsmanship. Although that's going to change cause it will bring me closer to my dream of becoming a powerful badass mage that world will ever see.

With that I quickly finishing up cleaning myself and covered my body with a towel. Walking into my room, I spotted a set of clothes probably Sarah's doing. It was a light blue blouse and long blue skirt. In my past life, this may have been girly for my taste but in this life, I am a heiress to a powerful family so I have to keep a prefect image. And normally a maid would help dress me up but I had finally conceive them to let me dress myself.

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