Chapter Six

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Chapter Six-

When you woke up the next morning, Mallory was already awake and getting dressed. "Get up, loser. We're getting breakfast this morning." Mallory said to you jokingly. "Haha okay...? Where are we going?" you reply. "I wanna go to Starbucks first but then we can maybe try to find an actual restaurant." she says slipping into her sundress. "Okkie dokkie sounds good! Are you done in the bathroom?" you say walking towards the bathroom to get dressed. You put on your capris and a ruffle top with your Vans. "Hey, can you French braid my hair?" Mallory asks, k owing you could do it much better than she could. "Sure. Come here" you say brushing her hair back. She was watching the weather for today on the tv, but your mind was drifting off somewhere else. That guy in the club last night. You couldn't get him off your mind. You even had a dream about him. Something felt different about this guy, but in a good way. You didn't even know him but felt that he had something special. "ready?" you say finishing Mallory's braid. "Yeah, let's go!" she says as she opens the hotel room door.

NIALL'S POV~ Harry woke up to the sound of the shower going. Niall must be up, he thought. He decided to get dressed and start picking up his blankets. Then he walked over to the kitchen and started the coffee maker. Just then, Niall walked out of the bedroom, pulling his shirt down over his head. "Morning, how ya doing?" Harry asked Niall. "Eh, could be better, yanno?" Niall replied walking over to Harry, "Whatcha making? Coffee? Eww, I never use that stuff, it's rubbish. Let's go to Starbucks instead, my treat." Niall told Harry, smiling. "Haha oh okay sorry. Nice to see you smiling" Harry said reassured Niall was doing better.

Once again you and Niall were going to the same place at the same time and neither one of you were aware of it. As you and Mallory walk into Starbucks, you look at menu and decide what to get. "What are you getting, Mal?" you ask. "The White Chocolate Mocha Frappe! It's my favorite!" "Ooh sounds good! I think I'll get the Mint Mocha with Caramel on top." as you order, you are unaware that Niall and Harry have just turned the corner and are almost to Starbucks. You and Mallory find a table and sit down, starting to plan your day. "Maybe we can go to Big Ben today, (y/n)" Mallory suggests. Just then, the door opens and Niall and Harry walk in, but you weren't able to see them as your back was to the door. "(Y/N), (Y/N)!!!! OH MU FREAKING GOD! OH MY GOD!!! (y/n)!!!" Mallory suddenly shouts barely about to speak. "What?!?! WHAT?!?! Is there a bug in your drink?!?! MALLORY! Answer me!! What's wrong?!?!?!?!" you say starting to get anxious. "(y/n)!!!! HARRY FREAKING STYLES AND NIALL FREAKING HORAN JUST FREAKING WALKING INTO STARBUCKS!!!!!!!! THIS STARBUCKS!!!!!!!!" Mallory says starting to stand up to get a better view. "WHAT?!?!?! OH MY GOD!!!! OH MYGOD!!!!!!" you scream jumping up from your seat. You look at each other and decide to play it casual. You were going to casually walk over there and calmly ask for a picture, trying your best to contain your excitement.

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