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"Shit! They're catching up" I cursed as I spotted more zombies coming close.

"Well if I'm going down then I'll be going down fighting!" I yell while shooting down the zombies with my twin guns taking out most of them. Slowly my bullets started to run out as more zombies surrounded me.

"Gr..arg..I..ris" a zombie grunted.

"Arg.." another one grunted.

"Wait what?! How the hell do you bitches know my name?"

"" One came closer.

"Huh? What the hell?"

"" It came closer.

"" It came even closer.

"IRIS WAKE UP!" It leapt toward me.


"DIE YOU ZOMBIE!" I shouted and took cover behind my arms.


Slowly I uncover myself and opened my eyes only to see my furious mother crossing her arms. One word CRAP. An upset mom is scary but a furious mom is down right terrifying.

"Oh hello mother, don't you look beautiful today" I try to sweet talk but unfortunately it didn't work. Well I am dead, I have many regrets such as not completing KNB or My Hero Academia the third season. In my will, I will leave all my figurings and mangas to Keon. While Aira can't have my room because in my final wish I would like this room to be preserve in the reminder of my greatness and-

"Iris! You're late for school" my mom snap me out of my inner monologue.

"WHAT?!" I look at the time and notice that I had only less an hour to get ready and hurry to school.

~Third Person P.O.V~


"Well it looks like Iris slept in again" Aira muttered and she walked out the door leaving her poor sister to suffer alone.

"I don't know what to do with that girl?" The mother, Kelly shooked her head.

"Well she is your child" the husband, Thomas hummed while reading his newspaper at dinner table.

"What was that, dear?" Kelly give a cold chilling smile.

"O-oh no-nothing, h-honey" the man sweated fearing his terrifying wife.

Before the wife could say anything else, they were interrupted by their their daughter who is rushing to make it to school in time but not before grabbing a piece of toast.

"Have a good day, sweetie"

"Don't get into anymore trouble!"

~Iris's P.O.V~

Thank goodness we live near school or I wouldn't have made it to school on time. Stupid alarm clock. Yes I am blaming the fucking alarm clock. It just had to run out of battery and-

"Wow! Someone looks like they going to commit a murder today"

A certain friend of mine snap me out of my ranting on how to get revenge on that bloody alarm clock. Yes again, I am plotting against a bloody alarm clock.

"Oh hey Keon, just a terrible morning" I sigh as bang my head on my desk.

"Let me guess, you're alarm clock didn't work" the brunette laugh.

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