Chapter 2.

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Watson and Hotch entered the conference room. Derek couldn't stop looking at Jane. There was something about her. 'Everyone, this is agent Jane Watson. She's new in our team. Jane, these are agents David Rossi, Emily Prentiss, Penelope Garcia, Derek Morgan,Spencer Reid and you'll meet Jennifer Jareau in a second.' He said while he pointed to all of them. They smiled at her. Except for Rossi, he found it hard to look at her. He definitely knew who she was.

'Welcome Jane.' Morgan said. JJ entered the room. 'Jane?' Watson turned around 'Jen! Hi!' they hugged each other. 'It's been so long!' 'I know we need to catch up. But first the case.' Jane sat down next to Reid who was obviously studying her. ' We've been asked to help them with this case.' On the screen pictures of 5 women appeared. 'Gloria Hansen, Lisa Bars, Olivia Hort, Sylvia Hudson and Christine Sylverman were all strangled and then dumped in the woods, he murders one woman every month.' 'Is there a connection between them?' Reid asked. 'They are all in their twenties, brunette and successful.' 'How long is it been since the last murder?' Jane asked. 'They found her yesterday, but she's been dead for 27 days.' 'So we have 3 days until the next woman dies.' 'No time to lose guys, plane leaves in 30.' Hotch said. They left the room, JJ and Jane started talking and Reid watched them leave. 'She is pretty isn't she.' Penelope said. Spencer nodded. 'I've seen her before.' he said.

Jane went home to get some things. 'Where are you going?' Rose asked when she saw her mother packing. Jane kneeled in front of her. 'I have to go and catch a bad guy.' 'When will you be back?' she said with a sad face. 'In a few days, I'll call you this evening okay?' Rose nodded and hugged her mom. She quickly went to her dad and said goodbye, after that Jane drove to the airport.

JJ, Prentiss, Morgan, Reid and Hotch were already sitting in the plane, waiting for the others. 'How did you meet Jane?' Morgan asked. 'I wondered how long it would take before I got that question. We grew up together, she was my best friend and in a way she still is. She's a smart, nice and amazing person. Actually she's the strongest person I've ever known.' JJ said while she clearly relived some memories while she said that.

Rossi and Watson arrived at the same moment at the airport. 'Hi Rossi.' Jane said while they walked to the plane. Rossi nodded but kept quiet. They entered the plane and left.

On the plane they talked about the case and made a rough profile. 'Garcia did you found anything about the women?' Hotch asked Garcia on the laptop. 'Nothing special. They had very normal life. I haven't found anything that's connects them either.' 'Okay, thanks Garcia. Watson and Morgan, you go to the woods where he dumped the body's. JJ and Prentiss will talk to the family and Rossi, Reid and I will dig into the lives of the victims. Now try to get some sleep, we'll land in 4 hours and a half.' The team stood up and placed themselves comfortable. Reid kept studying Jane. He knew her from somewhere. But he tried to sleep.

Derek saw Jane was still up so he got up and sat down next to her. She was looking at a picture. 'What's her name?' he asked. 'Rose, it's the first time i'm leaving her alone.' 'She'll be fine with her dad.' Jane layed down the photo and looked away. 'Well, she's not with .. it's just me and her.' 'O I'm sorry.' 'It's okay.' Jane said with a smile. 'And what about you? Nobody special waiting for you back home?' 'No it's just me and my dog. But i miss it you know.' 'Yeah, me to.' They kept talking the entire flight. She's really great he thought.

After they landed Jane and Derek drove to the woods. 'Well this is defineatly a place where no one can see you.' Jane said. 'He must have had a car to transport the body.' Jane nodded. And looked around. She saw something white in some leaves a bit further. 'He Derek!' she yelled. He ran to her. 'What?' 'A ticket from a store. ' She said while she held the piece of paper up. 'It might have fallen out of his pocket while dumping the body. Let's go to that store. Maybe they had camera's.'

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