Shanes pov

We get to my house and we change onto out pajamas. We watch the titanic and I warned her that I would cry. She giggled and said that I could cry on her shoulder. I chuckled. It was the end and I was about to cry. Bella noticed it because she curled up closer to me and buried her face intomy chest. I played with her hair. I started crying at the end of the movie. Bella wiped away the tears and kissed me cheeck.

After the movie ended I asked Bella if she wanted to watch another movie. She yelled "yes! Thor!! We have to watch Thor!"

"fine. Why do you want to watch Thor so badly?"

"because I think Loki and Thor are good looking. But not as good looking as you" she said

"thanks gorgeous." I said

She giggled and kissed me. We watched Thor and went to bed. We fell asleep almost instantly. I put my arms around her and she layed her head on my chest. We fell asleep and next think I know Bella is moving around and she shot straight up. I sat up after her and hugged her. "Bella its okay you're safe now."

"I had a dream where Lisa was trying to kill you and I"

"it's okay it was just a dream" I comforted her. We layed back down and Bella didn't wake up again. We got up and invited shanna and Bree over. "are you okay with the fact I have all these friends who are girls?"

"yeah why wouldn't I be?" she asked

"because Lisa wasn't"

"well lisas insane and jealous. I am the complete opposite. Well I'm the good kind of insane."

"good" I tell her. I kiss her and it got more heated. We pulled apart just as we heard the doorbell.

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