Shane's pov

"Bree Shanna!"

"shane!" they yell."come meet my girlfriend!" I tell them

"okay." they said.

"hi I'm Bella." she said.

"hi Bella I'm Bree!" Bree told her

"hey gurl I'm Shanna!" shanna said.

"hey guys!" she said "it's great meeting y'all"

"okay so tell us everything!"

So she repeated everything that she said a dinner. The girls look shocked, especially with Lisa. I just sat

"yeah." Bella replied.

"so what are we gonna do today?" I asked

"let's bake!" Bella yelled. "we can make it a completion."

"okay teams?" I asked

"I wanna be on a team with Bella!" Bree yelled

"okay I'm on a team with Bree and we are gopna. Kick. Your. Ass!" Bella exclaimed

So in the last two hours Bella and Bree made amazing cookies and Shanna and I made a cake from the box.

"okay we won." I yelled

"okay babe whatever you think." Bella says sarcastically.

"thanks belbel!" I say

"don't call me that you can call me Bella or Rose!" she yelled. I ran over, picked her up a twirled her around.

"okay you two are like the cutest couple ever!" Shanna said.

"yes!" Bree seconds.

"thanks guys.". I say. After about another two hours of goofing around, I ask Bella to sing.


"I remember when we broke up the first time

Cuz like we hadn't seen Each other in a monthCuz youSaid you Needed spaceWhat?Then you come around again I say Baby i miss youAnd I swear I'm gonna change Trust me. Remember how that lasted for a day. I say I hate you we break up you call me iloveyou ooooooooooooo we called it off again last might but oooooooooo this time I'm telling you we are never ever getting back together". Bree and Shanna stood there mouths open.

"you are amazing!"

"thanks girls!". A couple of hours pass of us just hanging when Bree and Shanna leave.

"Bella-" I was cut off by Bella saying


"on the count of three"

"one two three"

"I love you" we say at the same time. I hug her and kiss her

"wanna move in?". I ask "I realize it's sudden but I love you and-" I was cut off by Bella pressing her lips on mine.

"yes." she said

"yes what?" I ask compleatley stupidly.

"yes I'll move in."


"yea Shane!". With that I pick her up and spin her around. She giggles and we kiss. It's perfect. Absolutely perfect.

"I should go home and tell Olga." she said.

"okay I wanna tell her too so I'm coming!"

"kk let me grab my stuff."

"wait why?" I ask her. She face palms and says.

"yea that's right I moving in!"

"so let's go!" I say offering her my arm. She takes it and we skip happily to Shane's car.

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