Shanes pov

"it was never easy for me not to believe you!" I yell. We are at Bella and Olga's house reading lines. This is the big scene in the movie.

"but it was easy for you to think I was going crazy."

"no! I never wanted to think you were crazy, but I didn't want to think that someone was trying to kill you!!". I shout. This is the part where she kisses me. I am looking forward to it but I'm also nervous. Bella goes right for it. We don't have names for our characters yet so we are using our real names.

"Shane I love you more than anything. I have to go find out what's doing this."

"then I'm going with you!" I yell Bella's supposed to be crying and she is.

"no. I am not bringing you into this! I love you Shane" Bella said she gives me a hug and kisses me. After that I stand there speechless.

"you are fire trucking amazing!" Bella told me.

"not as good as you. You give the best hugs and kisses."

"awww thanks Shane!". Bella gives me another hug. I grab her and fling her over my shoulder.


"I would never drop you Bella." I tell her. I put her down on the couch. I climb on top of her and start tickling her. Her laugh is adorable. We calm down and decide to watch a movie. We decide to watch The Avengers. While we are watching Bella gets a text from Olga.

"are you guys dating yet?!"

"I don't know Olga, I want to but I don't know."

"ask shane!"

So Bella turns to me and says "Olga wants to know if we're dating. She told me to ask you."

"I would like to date. A lot."

"okay then we're dating."

"yay!" I yell in my fruitlupè voice. Which makes her crack up.

"we should go over to my place and I will show you all me characters!" I suggest.

"alright when?"


Bella's pov

We are now going to Shane's house. He wants to show me his characters. He showes me S-Deezy, Aunt Hilda, Shannaynay, Ned the Nerd, Fruit Lupè,and, Paris Hilton. My favorite was S-Deezy.

"I think you look hot as S-Deezy." I told him.

"aww thanks baby. How bout we go hit up a club or somin'" he asked in his S-Deezy voice.

"that's real hot Shane" I said

"thanks Rose!".

"no problem" I lean in and....... Gave him a hug!

"would you play a character in my new video?" he asked me.

"yea, who do I have to play?". I ask Shane, or I should say S-Deezy, since he was still in his costume.

"well I am making this Halloween short Friends 4 Ever, would you play Brenda?"

"yea no problem!"

"great we start shooting tomorrow." he told me

"awesome, what time?" I ask

"around nine A.M"

"cool, do you need me to be here earlier? I'll help set up." I offer

"yea would you mind coming in at seven?"

"not at all! Just text me a five forty so I know I need to get up!". I said.

"okay, it's getting kind of late do you want me to drive you home?" Shane said. No I wanted to say.

"sure" I told him.

So we get in his car and rive to my house. He walks me to my door and does something unexpected. He kissed me. I kissed him back. He pulled away and we just looked at each other smiling.

"does this make us a couple now?" I ask

"I think so Mr. Dawson.". He chuckled. I kissed him again. He hugged me and walked to his car. "see you to morrow!".

"bye Rose" he said. I walked in the house. Olga ran in and said "I saw everything!!! Are you two dating??"

"I think we are a couple. But don't tell anyone!"

"okay". She hugs me and says "my Bella is all grown up"

"Olga!!" I yell

"fine. I am so happy for you

"thanks Olga I need to get to bed cuz I've gotta wake up at five forty. Shane wanted me to play Brenda in his film.".

"okay night Bell!"

"night Olga". I walk to my bedroom and change in to my pajamas. I fall asleep and next thing I know I get a text from Shane

"good morning beautiful need to get up!"

"I'm up I'm up. C u soon;)"

"c u Rose:)"

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