Chapter 3

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Alexis POV

I hope that they don’t realize I’m a little scared. They’re 2/5 of One Direction. Who wouldn’t feel a little scared? I mean, I don’t even know if they are good or not, but judging by the magazine, they’re something special.  But even if they aren’t good, I’m still living with celebrities…

Which leads me to mentally question myself. Why would they want me? I’m nothing special. Why do they want a little sister? Am I supposed to be their entertainment while they’re on tour or something? Because, if that’s the case, I might run away. I don’t want to be treated like a pet anymore; I’ve been treated that way for long enough.

Liam grabs my hand and leans down so he’s my height. “Don’t be scared. They’ll love you.” He whispers into my ear. I shoot him a reassuring smile, and continue to walk out of the house. God it feels so good to get out of there. I haven’t been outside in what, 2 years? They used to have a play set in the backyard, but they had to take it down because the headmistress started yelling at me, and the neighbors got suspicious.

As we approach the black van, I start to get a feeling that people are watching me. But when you see two teenage boys and a 13 year old girl walking from a sketchy house into a black van, you probably should be watching them. But Niall and Liam are too kind to do anything stupid like kidnap me. Actually, I would be okay with them kidnapping me. It’d be better than living here.

The door slides open, but without Niall, Liam, or I touching it. I got a little scared; when nobody has the keys and a door slides open, it’s a bit peculiar (a/n peculiar is a fun word to say). But then, my ridiculously slow mind realizes that someone’s inside the car. Wooooow. I’m smart.

I jump in, with Niall behind me, and Liam behind him. I see three pairs of eyes land on me once I enter.

“Hi. I’m Alexis.” I say, trying to avoid the soon-to-be awkward silence.

“Well I’m Harry,” the curly haired boy said. I really love his green eyes…

“And I’m Louis,” the boy wearing a blue striped top said to me. Alright, so both of them have very nice eyes.

“And I’m Zayn,” the boy with the cool hair says. WHY DO ALL OF THEM HAVE INSANE EYES?!?

I choose to sit in-between Niall and Liam since I already know them, and because Louis is already sitting in-between Zayn and Harry in the back. Gosh these seats are very small, and when I say very, I mean EXTREMELY small. Even I can barely fit my butt in-between them, and I’m a pretty small girl. I mean, I’m only about 5’3 and I’m pretty skinny. Sorry, I’m overthinking the situation haha.

This all feels so new to me, and cars shouldn’t be that way. I’m excited to be in the van; back at the orphanage, I was never allowed in a car. For me, the doctor would come here, I was never needed to tag along with groceries, I wouldn’t be allowed to go to the zoo with them or anything. Honestly, I didn’t do anything. Now back to the story…

The ride is silent, except for me and Niall. He was teaching me to play chopsticks, and I’m not the best of learners when it comes to these kinds of things.

“So if I have two fingers alive, and I hit your left hand (Which has two fingers too), you have four then?” I ask, and it was obvious that I was a bit confused.

“Yup. It’s really easy actually. Alright let’s play. You start.”

We played chopsticks all the way to their house and I beat Niall every time, or he was letting me win. I don’t like people letting me win. I’m competitive but I only like winning fairly, so I just stopped playing.

The van pulled up to this huge residence, which I guess was their home, but ohmeegersh. This place looked like a hotel; it was massive and it couldn’t even compare to the orphanage. I’m starting to have good feelings about this “family”…

a/n cover???!?!?!?!?!?! guise help meeeeeee


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