Nichola's POV:-

I was sitting in the cafeteria next to my best friend Annabeth Chase. She was busy reading an architectural book. Then the new kid Percy Jackson walked towards our table. I looked at him and rolled my eyes. He looked like a typical jock you know windswept black hair sea green eyes the typical stuff. He walked over to us fastened his backpack and corrected his SnapBack. Douche I thought in my mind. He stopped right in front of our table. He then said,

"Blondie reading Architecture what a nerd."

Great now it to top it up he was a bully. Feel free to note the sarcasm. It was ice cream with olives on the top. That is really disgusting.

"Don't you understand blonde I'm talking to you."

Does this guy have a death wish? I repeat myself what a douche. I waited for Annabeth to get up and slap the guy but instead she muttered,

"Shut Up seaweed brain" under her breath.

"C'mon Wise Girl. Stop reading and pay some attention to your amazingly hot boyfriend."


Boyfriend? What is happening. Then even more surprisingly Annabeth shut her book and looked up,

"What do want Perce?"

PERCE!?! What is happening am I hallucinating. I am I'm sure they mixed something in the food.

Percy then crouched down to our level and said,

"Well since it is my girlfriend's birthday I decided to give her an amazing surprise. In 3,2 and 1."

Just as he said a one a band of babbling baboons walked into the cafeteria not literally but actually imagine a band of baboons walking in. Ahahahahahhahahahahahahahahah. What have they mixed in the food. Okay so let's start there was a punk girl, a Hispanic teenager with a girl who looked like she was in the 80's. Then there was another typical jock looking guy blonde hair and blue eyes the usual and he had his hands intertwined with a beautiful girl. And then at the back there was another goth more like emo kid with an elf?

Just kidding not an elf but a guy. He looked quite young and started winking at every girl. Creepy. Then from behind them came another beautiful girl. WHAT? Then they all starting walking towards our table and stopped right in front of us. I was expecting Annabeth to say something but Percy had her eyes covered he then looked at the baboons and looked like a message passed between them. And then guys guess what happened next they started singing Happy Birthday. This is a crazy dream.

Then Percy slowly removed his hands of Annabeth's eyes. Annabeth looked up to see all the faces.

"Thanks Guys for coming here you made my day."

"Don't thank us your oh so caring boyfriend said that you missed camp so he thought that we should bring camp to you." Said the elf.

"Thanks FireBoy."

"Anytime WaterBro."

Weird nicknames much.

"Oh My God Nichola I'm so sorry these are my best friends from camp. The blonde guy there is Jason and the girl he is holding hands with is Piper. Then the girl there who looks sort of like a punk is Thalia she is Jason's sister...."

Then Percy butted in," You can call her pincone face if you like."

"Shut up seaweed brain. I'm not afraid to zap you."

"Right and I'm so scared." He said dramatically. Then the emo dude stepped up,

" Shut up guys, you know if there was a fight I would win so just stop arguing already."

Then the three of them got into an argument.

"SHUT UP!". Annabeth said that. Then they all shut up.

"Like I was saying that girl is Thalia, the guy who stepped into the fight is Nico. Oh and also Jason,Nico,Thalia and Percy are first cousins. Their dads are brothers. Anyway where was I yeah that guy over there is Leo and next to him the buff looking guy is Frank and his girlfriend is Hazel and one more thing Hazel and Nico are half-siblings and lastly that girl over there is is Sarah Brooke. Her boyfriend goes to our school."

Then I think Leo was his name came up to me and said," Hey girl why are you so hot you are making my shirt burn."

And then believe it or not his shirt was on fire. Hallucinations are deadly. That's it I'm dying. My death is near. And then I fainted. No I didn't I just started and him blankly and said,


Way to play cool. Way to play cool. I'm so smooth like wow.

"Okay guys great reunion! Party time yay! I would love to stay but I need to go. So bye." And with that I rushed out with one thought in my head. Weird.

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