Why do i still care

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"Obito no!!!"Mia woke up with her claws out.She lifted up her hands and saw them out. "dam it I have to bye knew sheets again o well." So Mia took a shower and looked at her injures they were still bleeding so when she got out she bandaged her wounds up and got dressed . After that she brushed her hair and her teeth and ate her ramen . Then checked the mail and saw something weird It was a nomination to be miss hidden leaf then she read it over and her eyes widened. "No this can't be happening I'm going to kill Tsunada for this. Wait I still have Kakashi birthday present and today is his birthday. Wait a minute why should I care any more this is such a drag.I'll just sneak it in his house I guess." So Mia went across the way and dropped it at his door knock and went back in her house."shit I forgot to take out the old note."she was about walk out but she herd his door open so she didn't."dam it why do I still care?" She look thought the hole in the door to watch him open it."hu I'm glad someone remembered who is it from." He asked out loud. He opened the box and saw a kunie that had a lighting markings on it, All the make out series books even the new one that was impossible to fined and two tickets to see all the make out movies."o My god this is awesome who gave me this?" He then looked under neath all the stuff he got and saw a note then began to read it. "From some you new a long time ago but Any way happy fucking birthday." He whispered read."i still don't know who gave me this o we'll he said walking back in his house."okay I need to see Tsunada should I walk or.. naw I'll walk and why am I talking to my self I'm going crazy."

So she jumped out the window and walked then walked to Tsunadas office. On the way she saw Naruto at Ichiraku ramens." I swear I had the coupon right here believe it."

"Sorry Naruto but......"

"Hey what's going on."

"O Mia Naruto can't pay for his meal and...."

"I'll pay for it Ichiraku."

"Thanks Mia Sensei."

"No problem eat up blondy ." Mia said with a closed eyed smile.

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