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You will not remember me,
on a Monday evening.
You will not call me,
Out of habit.

You will not miss me,
While watching a movie.
You will not text me,
When you feel like it.

You will not think of me.
When the moon is full.
You will not reach out to me.
Thinking you could.

You will not burn for me.
For my love.
You will not sing to me.
And expect me to forgive.

You will not crave for my warmth,
My laughs and my smiles.
You will not let the memories haunt,
You will not pine.

You will not get me when you want.
It's done this time.
I won't let you, I simply won't.
Don't worry, you'll be fine.

You've said so yourself,
That you don't see a future with me.
And I take it upon myself.
To follow it to the T.

It's not my fault that,
you've closed your eyes.
But I'd be damned,
If I let my heart control my mind.

You asked for clarity.
And I gave it to you
But you dared to reject me,
After making me fall for you!

I don't know if you're confused.
Broken or just playing.
But I refuse to be used.
By staying.

You may not love me.
Like I do to you.
But you need me,
For I'd meant something to you.

But you let me go.
A foolish mistake on your part.
I may still love you, you know?
But I've stopped thinking with my heart.


A little depressing, is it?

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