Not Meant To Be You

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Seven years ago I'd made a friend.
Who I thought wouldn't break me.
Guess I was wrong back then.
Because you did so without a peep.

Familiarity and years,
Knowing each others darkest fears,
Envoke unknown, familiar feelings.
Trying it because it's easy.

The million memories we shared,
that taint our souls.
Mustn't be relived as a charade.
Seeking solace in false hope.

How long can one pretend?
To be something more..
Holding on to just one thread,
That's as good as torn.

Love was it?
Or was it a habit?
Good or bad, for you or me?
Too tough to break free.

Maybe it was love, for a while,
But we felt it in time.
The missing need to be needed.
The lost want to be wanted.

We didn't lie, did we?
To each other, to ourselves.
If we convince our hearts successfully,
Then they'd protect themselves?

The option was safe,
Absolutely fool proof.
How could you break-
Something that wasn't given to you.

Thought that we'd never fail.
Years of friendship or trust.
But these darn emotions are so frail.
Passion, love, lust.

Walking along the slippery bank,
Too afraid to take a dip.
To be very frank,
One of us did slip.

It's easy to fall in love, to care.
For someone so dear.
The unknown feeling that was there,
Was love I hear.

Boy! Did I fall hard, blindly, foolishly.
Hoping that you'd catch me.
And love me equally.
That, I truly did believe.

How could you?
Did I mean so little?
Our relationship wasn't new.
Was the bond so brittle?

You asked for a future and I saw one.
Now you say that you're confused.
Saying that I am not 'The one.
In your future beside you.

I was ready to fight the world.
To face my feelings and not run.
But last I heard -
You didn't feel the same. Right hun?

I came to you with a broken heart
Masterfully put together.
Why did you let it fall apart?
Like all the others?

Tell me now what am I to do?
With all the years and memories.
Forget them? Forgive you?
For breaking me.

Though I have no right to cry.
We were barely anything.
But, you'd asked me to try.
And now it's nothing

Love is a leap of faith they say,
And thats not all.
It's not fun if it's only yours to take,
With no one to catch your fall.

Either you are made for each other,
Or make belief.
Just because it lasted longer.
Doesn't mean that it's meant to be.

We'd become each others habit,
Built safe house for the broken.
Too scared or not bothered to face it.
That our hearts weren't taken.

We stood still for so long.
Frozen feelings and loveless lives.
Is my need to be cherished so wrong?
That it ended you and I?

Unknowingly you broke my heart.
Knowingly I let it break.
And now the blame game will start.
Who'd made the mistake?

We could've saved the time and pain.
Of falling in love again.
If only my heart knew.
That it wasn't meant to be you.


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