Letting Go

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Two years and fifteen days,
We could have said I love you in so many ways.
I know that to it I'd agreed,
Out of sympathy and a little greed.
To help a friend - for an experience,
I nodded in acceptance.

Friendship turned to respect,
Respect to admiration,
With little baby steps,
Love replaced compassion.
I don't know how it was for you.
I don't know what made it change
I thought we could make it through
I thought we were on the same page.

But I guess while my love was growing,
Yours lessened.
I walked on without knowing,
That I was very close to the end.
I trusted you, never had a doubt
But I guess it was one sided,
As I found out-
It was me you never trusted.

I though it was okay,to fight.
Okay to think that you were always right.
To think that the fault was always mine.
To think that we would pass the test of time.
I don't know if you loved me or not,
For it maybe true or just what I thought.

But sometimes I still wonder if it was love,
What did I do to make you hate me so?
How could I change love into hatred?
I wish you'd let me know...
And if you did pretend;
I'd like to say-
Your acting skills will take you a long way.

But in the end,
Someday I hope you will look back and regret,
Every tear that I have shed-
For you,every time that I've begged-
For you,every time my heart has bled.
Sometimes I wish to see you in pain,suffering,

For hurting me so.
To see you cry,pleading and begging
To see you on the ground, rubbing your nose-
At my feet
Begging me to forgive you, to show mercy.

But that would make me no different than you.
I will never stoop down to you level no matter what I do,
I just hope that someday,
Someday you will pay...

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