The end 💕

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As class 1-A helped y/n settle into her dorm room, she thanked each one of them by baking sweets for them. As she was walking home from school with two bags containing individually made boxes and pastries for her friends, she encountered Shoto.

"Shoto!" She called out he turned his head back and ran towards her, taking one bag from her hand and holding her free hand now. "Thank you" y/n smiled and made their way back to the dorms. Once at the entrance she opened the door and walked in, setting the boxes down on the table. Shoto placed the bag down and gave her a peck on the cheek, "you taste sweet." Y/n blushed and covered her cheeks, "o-oh! Um thanks!" She quickly said and hid herself behind her hands, taking a quick peek she saw a smiling Shoto.

"You're so cute, ever since I first laid my eyes on you" he peeled her hands from her face and gave her a soft but sweet kiss on the lips. "You taste sweeter than I do" y/n teased, before she could lean in and give him another kiss she remembered the letter.

Y/n had secretly been working on her letter for Shoto, she reached into her back pocket and gave him the letter. "For you, j-just read it without me being here!" She reached into the bag as well and handed him a neatly decorated box with his name. Shoto looked down at the box and smiled, he pecked her lips and made his way into his room.

Meanwhile, y/n laid out the boxes each one representing one of her classmates. She picked up a row of boxes and delivered them door to door. While grabbing boxes she set some aside, for specific classmates. Once done delivering the rest and receiving lots of hugs of gratitude and thankfulness, she grabbed those she set aside. First she picked up Midoriya's and grabbed a letter she'd written for him too, she made her way to his room and knocked softly.

The door opened revealing a messy hair Deku, "I made this for you" y/n smiled. This was too much for poor Midoriya's feelings and burst out crying, he hugged her tightly and thanked her over and over. He looked at the neatly decorated All Might box with his name on it and took out the letter neatly folded on top. Y/n waited in front of the door waiting for a reaction from Midoriya. He looked up and once again burst out crying, and hugged her tightly. "Thank you so much y/n! For this letter and the drawing of All Might you did for me, I'll frame this as soon as possible! Also the box! Ill save the box too!" Y/n smiled and waved at him.

Next up was Ochako, she grabbed her box and letter and walked to her room. She opened the door and rubbed her eyes, "were you napping?" Y/n questioned. "Oh? Yeah, I couldn't help it!" Y/n smiled and handed her the box and the letter, upon Ochako receiving this she happily hugged her and thanked her. Ochako opened the box and saw a drawing of her and Midoriya and blushed red as a tomato. "You can do it" y/n winked and waved at her.

This went on for Tsyuu, Kaminari, Sero, Kaminari, and Kirishima's box. She grabbed Iida's box and following the same routine she was at his dorm door. She gently knocked on it and revealed a tall boy, "yes?" Y/n handed him the box and letter. Iida looked at the letter and cocked his head to the side "Open the letter and read it." Iida nodded and began reading the letter. He folded it back and looked at y/n. He hugged her tightly and smiled, "thank you y/n that was very sweet of you" "I mean what it says, you are the best class president." Y/n hugged him and left.

And the last box finally came, she held it tight in her hands grabbed the letter to the belonging person. She took a big breath and walked to their room. She knocked softly, and was welcomed by the familiar face. "What'd ya want cheeks?" Bakugo smiled and leaned on the frame of the door. "I made this for you" y/n handed him the box and the letter. Bakugo took it into his hands and y/n waved at him goodbye.

Bakugo closed the door and looked at the decorated box. He slowly opened it making sure not to ruin it and saw a fruit tart with a cookie of his face. "Tch" he smiled and took out the letter and began reading it.

To my favorite idiot,
I know you've always been a grouch ever since I met you to be honest, but I've always liked that about you. Thank you for caring about me and just know I've always thought of you ad my best friend. Thank you, you explosive nerd for being there and taking care of my idiotic butt! I hope we can be always friends because I personally don't mind the times you're 'big angry'! You're amazing and thank you for being you!


Bakugo felt himself blush at the letter, and behind it there was a drawing. It was of him and y/n together, he had explosions in his hands while they both fought bad guys. This was what hit his heart strings, "dumb idiot.." and as he knew where to find her he made his way over.

Y/n flopped onto her bed and took a big sigh. Boy was today exhausting for her, after all she took very big precautions when baking those goodies for her friends. "A good nap won't hurt wou—" a knock was heard, she made her way up and opened the door. Before she saw who it was she was welcomed with a big warm embrace, suddenly the scent hit. "B-Bakugo?" He closed the door and held her tightly, "thank you cheeks that was a really sweet letter." He broke the embrace and held a smile on his face. "I-It was what I meant and felt in that letter Bakugo" y/n smiled and blushed.

Bakugo left after a while of chatting and laughing, and soon after Shoto arrived, instead of a hug she was met with his lips clashing onto hers. A bright smile was painted on his face, "you know you're really cheesy right?" Y/n smiled and nodded. Shoto pulled out the letter and blushed, "you really bring the sweetest out of me y/n."

"I'm glad I do."

Shoto's letter:

You are my sunshine my only sunshine, you make me happy when skies are grey. You never know dear how much I love you. Please don't make my sunshine go away! Shoto you're the best thing that could've ever happened to me, the happiest moment was when we shared our first kiss. Thank you for coming into my life, without you I couldn't imagine being happy. I love you, you're my sugar cube. You're sweet as sugar and everything nice darling, don't ever change.


Your sweetheart.

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