Do your best! がんばってね!

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Weeks flew by, and class 1-A developed a strong bond. Everybody including Y/N, aside from Bakugo but we already know how he is.

"Hey! Y/N!" I turned around to see Kirishima running up behind me, "yes?" "Do you think you can help me out with yesterday's assignment? I didn't do number 5 in our English homework it was super hard!" I smiled, "sure, lets go to the library." As Kirishima and I walked down the hallway we spotted Bakugo and Todoroki talking, doesn't seem to dangerous so I won't mind it as much. As I was approaching the library door entrance Bakugo approached me and.. smiled? Was he in pain? "Hey Y/N" "hey Bakugo!" "Could you help me with the homework Aizawa left us?" He looked away and scoffed. "Sure, me and Kirishima were just about to head into the library so I could explain it to him too!" Bakugo's brow furrowed, is he bothered by something? I slid the library door open and to my surprise it was, empty? Did not many people come here often? I lead both boys to an unoccupied table and pulled my notebook out, turning to yesterday's homework. "Alright, lets begin!"

I saw Y/N walking down the hallway with Kirishima and as I was about to go and ask her for help, Bakugo stepped in front of me.

"Yes?" "Listen here you IcyHot bastard, I don't know your intentions with Y/N but she's clearly into me more than you" I cocked my head to the side and tucked a red strand of hair behind my ear. "Go ahead, she's all free" it felt like a stab in the heart. It wasn't okay to feel this way over somebody, right?

What is this throbbing sensation in my chest? Why did my heart beat accelerate whenever Y/N would come around? Her damn smile, her rosie cheeks, those— what am I even saying? Y/N is just a friend, and I'm sure she thinks of me the same way I do!

As Y/N approached the library entrance, Bakugo asked her if he could join in with the homework group. She's too kind. Of course knowing Y/N, she'd let him tag along, a couple of minutes passed and I felt uneasy. I'll go join them, just to make sure nothing bad happens.

I slid open the door and walked to the table where Y/N was joined by Kirishima and Bakugo. "Hey" she looked up, her eyes met mine and I felt my cheeks turn red. "Hey Todoroki! Would you like to join us in our homework group?" She smiled. That damn smile. "Sure, I need help with some English as well." I felt Bakugo's stare on my side, but I brushed it off my shoulder and focused on her teachings.

"So it says here, to write the translated version of these phrases down—" the library door slid open, I turned my head to the side and saw Izuku frantically running to my table. "Y/N!" He said breathlessly, "yes?" "Please! Help me with the assignment Aizawa gave us yesterday! I don't know English very well but I know you do! So please help me!" "DAMN DEKU INTERRUPTING THE SESSION" Bakugo exclaimed and the librarian hushed us, Izuku bowed down and I giggled, "sure, join along! We were just starting."

"Alright where was I?" The study group had gotten significantly larger with the addition of Ochako, Mina, Sero, as well as Kaminari. "So this phrase reads 'Are you alright? Are you in danger?' Now in English it says Are you alright? Are you in danger?" I wrote it down in the empty notebook paper I pulled out earlier. "See! Easy!" "Man! That's really hard!" Mina slouched onto the table and Sero comfort her. "YOU DAMN GIRL YOU HAVEN'T EVEN TRIED" Bakugo exclaimed. I stood up and gave Mina a thumbs up and a big smile, "Do your best!"

Todoroki handed me his paper over with the phrase properly written, "Amazing!" I exclaimed. "Woah Todoroki, how did you do that!" Kirishima grabbed the paper and looked at the phrase. Todoroki shrugged and got his paper back. "WELL I CAN DO THAT TOO" Bakugo messily wrote down the phrase and passed me the paper. Are you alright? Are you in danger? "Excellent! Good job Bakugo!"

The session progressed until we finished, though it seemed a little stressful we pulled through!

We head back to class and as we did, the bell had rung. Perfect timing!

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🌸Normal words will signify Japanese

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