Please Do Not Worry! 心配しないでください!

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He looked down at the already finished bento box, "so that was an American lunch huh?" "Yeah, was that good?" "It was, delightful. Thank you" the bell rung, and we stood up and head back to class. I slid the door open and was welcomed to the group of the same students from the table. "Catch you later" Todoroki said as he passed me and sat down at his desk.

A tall boy with blue hair and glasses walked up to me and bowed down, "we're sorry for ignoring you during lunchtime, as class president I apologize on our behalf" I felt a little... I don't know, confused? "Sure, we're cool. I just think I should've done better at introducing myself" I shrugged and smiled. "As well as us! I'm Mina, Mina Ashido!" A girl with pink skin tone and matching pink curly hair. "Pleased to meet you!" "I'm Tsuyu Asui, ribbit" each one of them introduced themselves kindly until this one boy. "Come on Bakugo it's not that bad!" "OVER MY DEAD BODY I'LL SAY SOMETHING NICE AND WELCOMING TO HER" I cocked my head to the side, did I do something wrong?

"Don't worry Y/N! He's always like this" Izuku said, "SHUT UP DAMN DEKU" I raised an eyebrow, "Deku?" "Kacchan always calls me that to make me feel sad, or inferior" "but deku is such a cute nickname! How could anybody use that as a bad nickname? I like it!" Izuku blushed. "I also think you, Bakugo, you shouldn't be so mean!" "YOU DON'T TELL ME WHAT TO DO OR SAY YOU DAMN NEW KID" The air felt tense, so I opened my arms and hugged him and gave him a peck on the cheek, like I did with Izuku. Was it me or was it getting warm in here?

I looked up at Bakugo and saw he was a bright cherry red, was he mad or was he flustered? "Sorry! I didn't mean to just do that to you, I just think you shouldn't be such a mean person" I let go and scratched the back of my head, I went past him and sat at my seat. I heard a faint laugh besides me, "Wow Y/N, that was a bold move" "Oh hush, Shoto, I was trying to be nice!" "Considering you're from America, that gesture has a whole different meaning here in Japan" "Enlighten me" I turned my head to face him and smiled, "Alright class, take a seat. Including you Bakugo" my attention was drawn away from Todoroki towards Mr. Aizawa and the blonde boy took a seat three seats away from mine.

"Alright, lets begin with the continuation of hero names. Hmm, let's start with you Midoriya" the green haired boy stepped on the podium and proudly said, "Deku." "Bakugo you're up" the blonde haired boy walked up with a piece of paper that read "King Explosion Murder" "That's an unacceptable name, another one" he went back and scribbled quickly another and walked up again with another reading, "Lord Explosion Murder" which was again, denied. Finally he walked up with a new sign reading "Ground Zero*" "that's better."

The rest of my classmates flew by and my name was called, based on my quirk, blood manipulation, I wanted something that would be catchy and sound sweet. I held up a sign that read, "Saccharine." "Hmm, unique name" Mr. Aizawa said and I head back to my seat and Todoroki walked up with a sign reading his own name.

He came back to his seat and looked at me, "saccharine, huh?" I nodded. The rest of the class flew by and once we were done with hero names, Mr. Aizawa gave us the rest of the class to chatter up while he slept. Bakugo walked up to my desk with red on his cheeks, "hey kacchan!" I smiled. Izuku's jaw dropped when he heard the usage of such nickname, "don't. embarrass me" and with that he left to his seat and remained quiet.

"Oh yeah, where were we Todoroki?" I turned my attention towards him again, "Well as I was saying, in Japan such gesture means. Well, you're in love with him" I looked at him confused. "But I do like him!" You raised your voice, Bakugo turned back and his face even redder than before. "Of course as a friend!" You smiled, "Gosh you're so innocent" Todoroki muttered.

The bell rung, and class was dismissed. I grabbed my backpack and headed out the door, "hey, Y/N! Let's walk home together!" Izuku smiled, "sure! We seemed to have come from the same direction in the morning." And so, we set out to begin our path on our way home.

"The sunset looks beautiful" I said, Izuku looked up and smiled. "Of course it does" "the colors seem to clash together and make a beautiful ombre effect on the sky." I walked up to my doorstep, "you know you didn't need to walk me all the way home, right?" He nodded, "of course I didn't, but I wanted to repay you for the morning" he looked away and red painted the tips of his ears and cheeks. "Thank you" I hugged him tightly and walked in.

Today couldn't have been better.🌸

* Ground Zero : not canon hero name but most of my sources said that it could be revealed to be Ground Zero in later on in the manga/anime.

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