Sports festival スポーツ祭

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After hours and days of hard training, Y/N was ready. The day was finally here for the U.A.'s sports festival, it was like the Olympics but for school.

Y/n woke up and shot straight into the bathroom, took a very well deserved shower, and changed into her U.A. uniform. A knock was heard down at her front door, "coming!" she quickly got her keys, backpack and ID and quickly ran down the flight of stairs. She opened the door and was welcomed by the warmest of smiles, "hey" she gave him a kiss "hey sweetheart." Y/n waved at her mother, "You better go see me at the sports festival mom! Tell dad too!" She nodded, "I will! Good luck!"

And so Shoto and Y/N made their way to U.A., while training together they found an easier route to U.A. and they raced there. Y/n had to stop running because her skirt had ridden all the way up, she quickly adjusted it and covered her blushing face. Todoroki ran back to her and walked behind her holding her skirt down. You punched his shoulder and giggled, "you know it won't go up again right?" "Just making sure hun."

As they approached the big building, their hands intertwined, and they began to walk to class. All eyes turned on them as they walked inside. The tension grew as both students walked towards their desk, but as the bell rung all class took a seat.

>time skip to the final battle<

Her breath hitched, she couldn't believe who she was confronting. "Shoto" she breathed out, this had to be some mix up. Right? She was called down into the arena, she was shaking. Was she scared of him? Was she scared of what had happened during the training days of the sports festival? Shoto Todoroki, one of the strongest freshmen. Y/n L/n, somewhat mediocre. She didn't know how she had made it this far, far enough to battle against Shoto. She wasn't about to give up, not now.

Y/n's mother held onto her husband's hand, digging her nails onto his arm. She could sense the tension between both Shoto and Y/n.

The alarm went off, and without hesitation Shoto launched an attack. Y/n didn't want to use her quirk yet, if she did she would have to back out of the battle too soon, instead she went with hand to hand combat. Landing a couple of hits on his torso and face. "Such a shame to ruin your pretty face" I mouthed at him, earning a little laugh from the boy in-front of me.

I kept dodging his hits and occasionally landing a couple, when the time was right I crafted a blood spear. Instantly my sight began to fuzz out, but I quickly snapped out of it. Launching towards Shoto, my balance began to decay. I stopped midway and held a protective stance, slowly regaining my balance back I was brought back by Shoto's attack. He had kicked an icicle at me, using my spear I used it to launch myself through the arena. Successfully landing a kick, or so I thought, Shoto had frozen her foot and with his fire side he sent her back with the impact. She got up and saw a couple of burn marks on her arms and her track suit was tattered on her arms.

I knew I shouldn't use this, but I did. I used up a massive amount of core blood to make Shoto's legs sessile to the floor. I grabbed my lance and rushed towards him, with his fire he launched a couple more long distance fire. I had to back out, so I retracted the blood back into my system making myself even more dizzy. I pushed myself to push more blood out and crafted a couple of seamless needles, and threw them towards his direction.

My vision is going blurry, I couldn't see properly. The last thing I saw was fire, but was shielded away with ice.

The battle was called off the instant Y/n collapsed on the floor. The medical team rushed in and carried her onto a stretcher, worry instantly painted poor Shoto's face. He ran out of the arena and followed the ambulance. Y/n's parents as well ran out and followed the ambulance. Shoto couldn't believe it, was it his fault? Guilt washed over the poor boy like a tide on the shore. "Come on Shoto" y/n's mom stopped besides him and he got on the car. "It isn't your fault Shoto" y/n's father broke the silence.

He couldn't help but feel guilty over this, what if Y/n didn't want to see him ever again. What would be of him?

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