W-What? 何?

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As we all settled into the classroom, Mr. Aizawa walked in and cleared his throat. "We're going on a trip to USJ, Unforeseen Simulation Joint. To train you class 1-A for any type of accident or disaster, we're leaving in two days at 7:55 am. Come here in normal clothes and you'll change into your hero suits here."

"USJ?!" Much to everyone's surprise of being able to go to The USJ. Y/N looked over to Todoroki, was he gazing off to some where else? He sure did look cute...

•Time skip to USJ

The day has arrived. Today we go to USJ, I glanced over at my clock. "Still have time to sleep, five more minutes won't hurt—" as I was about to close my eyes, mother burst through the door. "Y/N I SWEAR IF YOU CLOSE yoUR EYES CLAIMING FIVE MORE MINUTES AGAIN I WILL LITERALLY GRAB MY SANDAL AND WHOOP YOU. G ET UP." She stripped me off my blankets and left me so the chilly air hit my skin.

"MOM PLEASE" I squirmed around the bed, "Y/N i saID NO. Go shower, and if I come
back here and you're still in bed you will get the sandal." I groggily woke up and grabbed a pair fresh pair of underwear, a pair of f/c leggings, a somewhat oversized f/c shirt and my running shoes.

I mumbled to myself and walked into the bathroom, opening the water faucet and let the warm water run. I stripped off my pajamas and stepped in allowing the warm water run down my back. After five minutes of soaking in the water I began scrubbing my hair with shampoo followed up by conditioner.

I stepped out of the shower and wrapped a towel around my body and the other on my hair. I finished off drying and changed into my outfit, then I removed my hair towel which then I brushed my hair and teased it a bit.

I grabbed my school ID with my house keys and cellphone and went downstairs. "Mom! I'm off to school!" "Wait! Don't forget your lunch!" I ran into the kitchen and grabbed my bento box. I kissed her on the cheek and was off to school. I put on my lanyard, slipped my school ID and hooked my house keys on it.

I crossed the same intersection as the first day, it'd become a daily routine to encounter Deku here and walk together to school. "What'd you bring for lunch today?" Deku asked, as he pointed at my bento. "A very delicious American lunch, as always!" "But what?" I giggled, "Pfft of course! Mom packed me a round pizza and an apple!" "Round.. Pizza?" I nodded, "Very American!"

We reached the gates of UA and saw everybody there gathered around the bus. Deku and myself walked up to Aizawa and showed him out IDs. "You got five minutes to change into your hero costumes, hurry" Deku and I ran into our separate locker rooms and quickly changed into our costumes. This was the first time you got an actual glance at your hero costume, pastel pink outlines with a black base, tight around your curves, but the gloves fit so comfortably around your hand and the boots made a comfortable fit in your feet. Just right.

Deku walked out couple of minutes after you and joined besides you. "Hey Y/N!" I looked back at Deku, his jaw had dropped and his gaze slowly lowered. "I thought Mineta was talking to Aoyama" I smirked at the remark. "S-Sorry! I just like the way-- I m-mean! The colors of your hero c-costume!" He bowed down and apologized. I giggled at him and Mr. Aizawa called our attention towards him, "Alright everyone, we'll start loading onto the bus and we'll make our way to USJ. Clear?" The class replied in-sync "Yes sensei!"

The bus doors opened and soon everybody poured into the bus, knowing me and following my old school American traditions I sat at the back and at the window. My eyes met with Todoroki, was he was walking my way? Or maybe the empty seat beside mine? I shrugged and looked straight forward placing my hands on the top of the seat in front of mine and scoot forward. My gaze fixed on Todoroki, maybe it seemed creepy so I looked away for a second, and without realizing another presence made itself clear besides me. "Hey" his voice gently called out. Todoroki Shouto could be him? I looked besides me, w h a t ? "Are you just going to stare or say hello back?" he pouted. Bakugo. "Hey!" I smiled and looked into his eyes. "If you thought I was the Icyhot bastard, I'm not. He sat with Momo up front, you seemed lonely so I decided to join you." His words spilled sincerity, "that's really sweet Bakugo, thank you" I gave him a small embrace. He stiffened up and soon relaxed, "J-Just don't do that when the others are looking" he looked away, a gentle blush covering his cheeks and the tips of his ears.

The bus driver turned on the vehicle, he engine gently purred and so our trip to USJ began.

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