For better or for never? Sequel To My Vanilla Boy

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Here is the sequal ya guys! I promise it will be better and last long than the first one <3

Aleyah POV

It's been two years since I married Cameron. And we have a little boy now named Nolan. He looks just like Madelyn, whom is the world's biggest diva, almost being four and all. As for Cameron and I, things haven't been a walk in the park for us. He's always working, and whenever he gets home he just eats dinner, watches TV, and when he's in the mood have sex with me. He barely spends time with us anymore. And I know it's because his Dad is always on his ass about owning the business in a couple months, but still it would be nice to just go to the park ya know?

Im downstairs in our home, washing dishes. Cameron comes up behind me, and kisses my neck lightly. I turn my head with a sigh.

"What did I do now Aleyah?" he sighs himself.

"Who said you did anything?"

"You just gave me the cold shoulder, not once, but for like the third time tonight."

"I just don't want to be bothered."

"Where's your ring?"

"It's in the bedroom. I am doing the dishes if you haven't noticed. But then again you're barely here to see that I do wear it all day."

"We are not having this conversation right now." he pushes away from the sink and walks over to the fridge.

"When are we?" I turn around to look at him. "When it's too late. It's sad I have to make an appointment to talk to my own husband. Only thing that fits into your busy schedule is sex."

"Here we go." he slams the refrigerator door shut.  "Aleyah what the hell do you want from me?" he yells. "I'm trying to satisfy everyone. I'm working my ass off for us to be financially stable for the rest of our lives for God sakes. You wanna talk about sad? It's sad I can't come home to the old Aleyah, because all the new one does is be a bitch about little shit that I have no control over." he spat. Almost out of reflex action I threw a glass plate at him. It of course shattered.

"Fuck you Cameron." I storm out of the kitchen, tears now falling. Ugh I hate how weak I am. How could he call me a bitch when I'm just trying make family time work out with his never ending schedule. I storm upstairs. He was close behind me.

"Really Aleyah? What the hell is your prob-"

"I just want my family to spend more time together. How does that make me a bitch?" I turn around to face him. We were in the hallway not even keeping our voices down so that Maddy and Nolan could sleep peacefully.

"All you do is complain when I'm trying to support us!"

"Cameron we both know you're doing this for your Dad. He doesn't control you! We have plenty of money! More than enough! You just don't care about us!"

"Why would you even say that!"

"Mommy?" Madelyn pokes her head out her bedroom door. I look away, because I know she hates when people cry. "Are you okay?"

"Yes I'm fine baby girl." I try to wipe my face. She walks over to me clutching her teddy bear she named Mr. Hugs, long story.

"Why do you cry then?" her innocent blue eyes look sadly into mine.

"Mommy, just doesn't feel good." I force a smile. "C'mon let's get you back to bed sweetie." I walk into her bedroom. I can't stand being weak in front of Maddy. It's something I would never want her to be.

Cameron POV

I didn't mean to snap at Aleyah last night but she throws these tantrums all the time about the same damn thing. But she was right, I was doing this for my Dad. I didn't want to let him down. He's been talking about this since I was a kid.

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