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Pen Your Pride

A/N - So this is about Lou and El, obviously. Now, Eleanor's family will be different compared to real life.  And, she's most definitely not a nerd in real life. I'm just making everything up; except of course for One Direction, Eleanor Calder, Danielle Peazer and all. There will be two POVs; El and Lou's. Sooo. Yeeep. Read. :)

E N J O Y Y Y ~ ! :)



I huffed as I rubbed my eyes. I bit my lip, pressing the red button on the remote control, hard. The television's screen slowly black out, shutting the reporter's face off. I sighed loudly again, combing my brown wavy hair with my fingers wearily. I still couldn't believe that my best-est friend ever, whom I've known since I was four, is now a member of the world's famous boy band. Even though it's already been ten months ever since he was put in One Direction.

I mean, how epic could that be?

Before I turned off the TV, my best friend, Louis Tomlinson's face was plastered on the screen, along with his other four band mates. They were on the news; they're going to stay at one of the boys' places for a three-week vacation...

I haven't seen him for five months now, and I think he doesn't really care for me that much anymore, I mean he has his new girlfriend, fans and bandmates. Well, if he still does, I'm sure he will not, someday.

I mean, will you still care about your nerdy best friend when you're massively famous and rich that you can do anything and everything in the world? 

Thinking about that makes me want to curl up in a hole and sleep forever.


Don't get me wrong, I'm very, very happy and proud about his success, and about him making his childhood dream come true. But... sometimes, I feel that we're never going to be the same again. We're never going to do what we used to do before he was famous. Especially now that millions of girls swooning over him, and to top it all off, he already has Maxine, his girlfriend. Urgh. I'm sure he doesn't care about me anymore, he had found his true love anyway.

Okay. I'm going to admit it. I'm jealous of his new girlfriend because I love Louis more than just a best friend.

Sucks, doesn't it?

I lie facedown on the couch, my arms on my side. My mum and I are the only one in the house now, my dad is on a business trip and my twenty-two year old brother is at college; though he's coming back for a holiday next week, for two weeks. I'm actually excited about that. I'm close to my brother, and he literally knows all my secrets. He's the one I could talk to, whenever Louis isn't around. And ever since Lou became famous.

"ELEANOR JANE CALDER!" Mom's voice boomed from downstairs.

I jumped, startled. I swiftly got up from the couch and glanced around me. I stood up and lazily walked to the door. Whatever does she need from me?

I groggily climbed down the stairs, and as I did so, I caught a sight of mom, five, tall guys and a slim brunette girl who's about my age. I couldn't see their heads, since a wall is blocking them so. But why is there visitors at 9 p.m?

"Oh, El! I thought you're dead, considering the fact that I've shouted for your name for about ten times to no avail," Mom rolled her eyes at me, crossing her arms over her chest. She glanced at the visitors behind her, and I've finally saw their faces.


Without hesitation, I desperately brushed my fingers through my hair, embarrassed that I haven't even combed my hair and that I probably look like the Lion King in front of these people.

"Hun, the boys had apparently picked Lou's house to stay at for their three-week holiday. So that means you'll be able to hang-out with them! Isn't that great hun!" Mom blabbed on, then grinned at me blissfully, her face completely lit up. Aw, man.

"I've missed you, El For Elephant!" Louis came running toward me, enveloping me into a bearhug. I hesitantly hugged him back, feeling happy that my best friend at least haven't forgotten his nickname for me.

But he just said that he missed me, so does that mean he still care about me? 

I coughed, indirectly telling Louis that he's suffocating me. He seemed to understand, and parted away from me. I heard the other boys laugh, and that instantly made me realized that they're going to be here for three weeks. Oh my God, One Direction will be sleeping next door. For three weeks.

Right there and then, I just realized that my oh-so boring life just got interesting...

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