Soft Green

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Cold lines caress my cheek and I awaken

Heart racing



Threatening to burst from my chest, my throat.

I clutch my throat and open my mouth for a breath of icy spring air.

I open my eyes and am greeted by brown

And soft green.

The yawning exit of the secret passageway looks back at me.

As I stare into its dark depths,

I shiver and rise to my feet

And run on legs that flounder like fish out of water.

When I turn a corner, my eyes are met by red and white,

Blood upon the leaves, upon the grass, upon the dirt.

My mouth fills with a bile

Rising like a snake up my throat.

I gag but swallow the fear and disgust.

It is a stableboy who had met his end

In a sprout of silver.

Reaching with blind fingers

My clothes trade for his.

I leave my silks for the homespun cloth

Of the peasantry

And keep running.

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