Chapter 1

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(A/N: Themes for Hakumen

Normal Non-Susanoo Unit: Lust SIN

Serious Non-Susanoo Unit: Under Heaven Destruction

100% Normal Non-Susanoo Unit: Lust SIN II

100% Serious Non-Susanoo Unit: Under Heaven Destruction II

Normal Susanoo Unit: Susanooh

Serious Susanoo Unit: Six Heroes

100% Normal Susanoo Unit: God of War

100% Semi Serious Susanoo Unit: Six Heroes

100% Serious Susanoo Unit: Black & White)


Hakumen reformed in the Underworld and thought, 'Why don't I connect the unit to the second line of my chant.' Hakumen rerouted the power of the unit to his chant and looked around the area with his many eyes. He then said, "Let's try to remove the unit, I am the white void." The Susanoo Unit disappeared he lifted his right hand and white energy appeared that acted as a mirror. His eyes widened at what he saw he still had the silver hair but now he had one brown eye that was a dead giveaway to who he was. Hakumen moved the energy to his face and his mask formed, he then looked around and saw a city. 'There is demonic energy coming from that city which means I'm in the underworld.' Hakumen made his sword disappear and he started to walk towards the city.

When he was walking Hakumen was hit my demonic magic, he summoned his sword without it's sheath and got into his fighting position with the blade parallel to his face. Hakumen looked around and said, "Zanshin." A small aura appeared around him and he brought his sword down now facing his side. He saw demonic energy coming towards him and he brought his left arm infront of him. The Susanoo Unit forearm appeared on him, "Void Formation: Yukikaze," a barrier appeared infront of his arm and the demonic energy hit it. Time froze and Hakumen instantly knew were his enemy was and he ran for the location grabbing the end of the hilt with his left hand.

Once Hakumen got to the location he slashed his sword creating a massive white flash, time started flowing again and the person coughed up blood. Hakumen looked at the person and saw that it was his sister, Hakumen stared at her and the armor on his arm disappeared. He stared at her and he pointed the tip of Ōkami at her. His mask was fading in and out almost reveling his face. He grabbed Iris with his left arm and almost broke her neck, he released her and said, "You will die demon made from humans but not know." He looked towards the city and made his sword disappear, he walked in the direction of the city.

Time Skip

When Hakumen reached the gate he was stopped by the guards, "State your business," Hakumen looked at them and said, "I am Hakumen now get out of my way." He was attack with demonic wind magic, "Fine, I am the white void." A white aura covered Hakumen and his summoned the Hihiirokane, "I am the cold steel." The Susanoo Unit appeared over him causing him to gain more power, "I am the just sword." The ground and walls started to crack along with some of the guards started to fall to the ground. "With sword in hand I will reap the sins of this word and cleanse it in the fires of destruction." The ground cracked more with his hair starting to go up. "I am Hakumen. The End Has Come!!!" The energy burst with the ground exploding and the guards falling to the ground. 'Even at 20% this happens weak.'

Hakumen walked past them with his energy stopping to flow outwards. He walked passed them but was stopped by the cold in the area. He turned and saw a gray haired maid, "Leave I have no reason to fight with you." The maid glared at him, Hakumen lifted his left hand and said, "Zanshin." A small aura appeared around him, ice appeared around him, "Void Formation: Yukikaze." Ice came from behind him, 'Dammit,' Hakumen looked at the ice and swung Hihiirokane. The sword glowed yellow and the ice was destroyed. He turned towards the maid and ran toward her, he appeared infront of her and grabbed her with his left hand.

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