The Test part 2

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The wind was blowing, and I was in awe, as they saw their king in a way that they hadn't seen in a long time, I just stared at him, powered up or not, I was still taking him down. The king then charged at me, going in for a punch, I then caught that punch unmoving.

"If this is all you  have got, then this will be more simple than I thought."  The king smiled, punching and punching, and there I stood blocking and blocking. I then got an idea, I slipped through a punch and kicked his shin, which was enough to make him fall. I see what looks like a little girl standing on the barrier to get a better look.

"Ah, how did you do that?" the emperor asked.

"I know a lot, especially combat, and when someone knows only to punch their way through, then their legs must be weaker." The king seemed to be frustrated now, and I then decided to taunt him.

"Where did that smile go, I thought this was fun?" The king waited a moment, then his smile came back.

"It is, it has just been a while since I have been irked like this, raise the shield!" There was then a rumbling felt around the arena one where it would make almost anyone trip and stumble, then a light blue force field sprang from the ground just outside the audience and formed a great dome.

"Hope you don't mind, it gets rather dangerous when I go all out."

"Not at all, I was wondering if you would get serious or not." He went to take a swing toward my face, which connected. And it actually stung. I then retaliated, we went blow for blow, hit for hit, and the arena shook with each hit. With one final punch, I knocked down the emperor. I have a few bruises but I still won. A bloody victory is worth more in Father's eyes. Thankfully the ones called the Justice League have humbled him in the past.

The emperor starts to slam the ground, as steam comes off of him, this must be a strong attack he is readying. My eyes wandered and I saw a girl. She must have fallen in the midst of all the shaking. A bright orange light that produced heat emanated from his body. He's like a bomb. An intense orange flame came radiating out of his body.

I closed my eyes and let the warmth wash over me, warrior race indeed. They really do have potential. As the feeling ended, I slowly opened my crimson eyes and saw I was hunched over the little girl. How I got there I don't know, but I looked back at the king and there he stood, up straight, and charred.

I heaved a heavy sigh and looked back at the small thing below me, looking at me with eyes wide. I am now thoroughly confused by her face. But I shake it off and go check on the emperor. I walk close to examine the figure and tap on his skull. It took a moment, but I heard a cough and he shook the black coating off, revealing a softer layer than his people's usual hard exoskeleton. He then thrust his arms out and exhaled with excitement.

"AAAHHHHAHAHAHAHA. THAT. WAS. FANTASTIC." He then turned toward me and patted my shoulders. "Fantastic my boy, YOU... are fantastic, I haven't fought like that in ages." I stand there dumbfounded, mouth agape, not knowing what to say. He then kneels down and begins to speak.

"I will follow you until my day's end."  I then look around and see everyone, bowing at my presence, I then feel a weight on my back, I look back and it is the child, smiling at me.

"Why is this child clinging to me, is she trying to issue a challenge?" I said trying to get answers.

"Well, maybe it's because you saved her my boy. Children's shells are not strong enough to survive the solar blast." I then look in her eyes, as she looks at me.

"Run to your parents girl, I have no need of you," I told her bluntly.

"I have no parents, I live on my own." She had replied. How trite. I guess I could use a sort of attendant

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