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| three: bye |

His head snaps up at me. "Where do you expect me to go?"

"How about Veronica's house? Since you seem to be spending a lot of time there anyways." I suggest in a sarcastic manner.

Drew rolls his eyes. "Are you really acting like this?"

"Like what, Drew?" I whisper-yell. "I just found out my husband of two years has been cheating on me; how do you expect me to act?" There's a pause. "You can pack an overnight bag but you're not staying here. You can come back in the morning and we can talk about this."

He gives me a small glare and I try to ignore it. He pushes himself off the counter and walks out the kitchen. I follow him into our shared bedroom and watch from the doorway as he fills a bag with a few items of his clothing. After collecting what he needs, we both walk downstairs and stop at the foyer. He sets his bag down and puts on his shoes. Drew grabs his keys from the bowl and stops to look at me.

I look at him for a brief moment, seeing tears build up in his eyes. I notice him leaning down as if to kiss me but I quickly back away from him. "Don't touch me." Drew sighs and opens the door.

"I love you, Ashlyn." He says in a whisper, voice choked up.

"Goodnight, Drew." I whisper back and close the door without giving him a second glance.

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