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| four: morning |

The next morning comes too quickly and I'm abruptly awoken by my alarm. Jolting awake, I shut my alarm off and yawn. The previous night's events dawn on me and I try to prevent myself from crying once more. I get out of the bed and walk into the bathroom, immediately noticing the dark circles under my eyes and my flushed cheeks from crying for a while last night in my bed. I quickly wash my face, brush my teeth and fix my hair before I pee and wash my hands.

Leaving the bathroom, I walk into Adelaide's room to see her wide awake watching cartoons on her small flat screen television. She's already dressed in blue jeans with a black shirt that has a red heart in the left top corner.

"Good morning, munchkin." I greet her with a smile. "I see you got yourself up before I did."

Adelaide smiles. "Hi mommy! I got myself dressed too!" I nod at her.

"I see that. I'm so proud of you." I chuckle at her enthusiasm and kiss her head. "How about we go down and eat some yummy breakfast, yeah?" Adelaide nods and jumps out of her bed, running out of her room and down the stairs. I shut off her tv and follow her.

She tells me about the dream she had as I make her pancakes and eggs, arms and hands making gestures to emphasize her story. Once I'm done, I hand her the food with a serving of orange juice and she immediately digs in. I make myself a cup of coffee as she eats, her not talking the whole time seeing as she knows not to talk with food in her mouth. After I pour myself a cup of the creamed coffee, I join her at the table as she finishes her last bite.

Adelaide looks around confusingly for a moment. "Where's Daddy? I thought he was here last night." The question catches me off guard and I have to think of an excuse.

"Daddy had to work early today." I say. "He left before you woke up." Adelaide frowns. "He won't be walking me to my bus?" I shake my head sadly at the little girl. "Sorry sweety, not today. But, I could walk you if you want?"

"Okay," Adelaide shrugs, taking the last sip of her orange juice before she gets down from the chair. She takes her dirty dishes and places them in the sink.

"Let's go brush your teeth and fix your hair. It looks like a bird made a nest in it." I joke, which makes Adelaide laugh.

"A bird can't make a nest in my hair, mommy, it's not big enough!"

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