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Aoyama always had a crush on Midoriya. Ever since he saw him in the entrance exam.. Aoyama always thought Midoriya was cool and kind. Always there for his friends.

Although they're not quite friends yet, more like acquaintances.. Aoyama always thought that he wasn't really the type to talk in class;; as he was younger, they all thought his quirk was pathetic, or useless. Many thought his quirk was fake;; ever since he got his belt. He's always scared to actually talk to people. Thinking that he isn't good enough yet he wanted to be equal with everyone.

He just wanted to be friends with Midoriya, but he's scared to confront him. He's always worried if he ever interacted with him; Midoriya would immediately say he's too weird or.. too embarrassing. that's what everyone else says.

once, Midoriya noticed that aoyama wasn't around as much; like not eating at the cafeteria or just hanging out with no one else. he finally went up to him when everyone was heading to eat.

"aoyama!" Midoriya says as he rushes over to Aoyamas desk.

Aoyama freezes when he hears his name, his heart starts to beat fast. "Oui?" He looks over as Midoriya smiles at him.

"Hi! I-I was just asking if you wanted to come to eat with me! O-Or with me, iida, and uraraka!"

Aoyama stares in disbelief. "Vraiment?" He tries to do his usual V smile.

"I-I really don't know what that means.."

"It means really, or is that so?" As Aoyama looks into Midoriyas emerald eyes, he gives out a soft smile. "I'll pass for now.."

Midoriya sighs in disappointment. "Are you sure? You're always welcomed!"

"I'm sure. Merci quand même.."

Midoriya waves bye as he left;; Aoyama watches him as he goes. "So soon.. darling.."

He decided he doesn't eat today.

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