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Weeks passed as Longshin and Hua Rui became best of friends. They talk to each other everyday, they played and went to pic-nic.

'Hua'er, what will you do if I fell in love with you?' He asked and stared at her waiting for an answer as he pushed her back and forth in the little swing.

'Oh? Then I'll love you like you love me' she said and smiled brightly at him. Those words made his heart skip beats and swallow his saliva,unable to say something.

'Shin'er, what has gotten into you?' She asked as she enjoy playing in the swing. Longshin stopped the swing with two hands. His hands are in both sides of Rui making her caged like a bird. Longshin slowly move his head closer to hers and stopped when their face are only a few centimeters apart.

'I love Hua'er' he confesses to the cute child between his arms. Their foreheads touch each others as they stare at each others eyes.

'I love Shin'er' Rui said and smiled sweetly at him. Longshin got his face away from hers and held her hands kissing it. He sat besides her and rock the little swing using his feet. Minutes passed and Hua Rui's head is on Longshin's shoulder and Longshins head is resting on her head as they fall asleep.


'Bao....are they still hunting you?' Longshin's grandfather asked.

'They are not hunting me. They're hunting my granddaughter' Hua Rui's grandfather said as he watch their grandchildren flirt in the Garden/Playground.

'Rui'er has always been an unlucky child eversince then' He said and sighed heavily.

'That's why I'll never do the same mistake twice' he said, a tear slipped down his face looking at his beloved granddaughter.

'Bao...don't cry, didn't we promise to be strong and happy? Why are you such a cry baby?' He teased Rui's grandfather but deep inside he felt being stabbed a million times.

'Who's a cry baby? I'm strong and happy with my granddaughter by my side' He retorted angrily at the other elder which made him laugh. They laughed with each other, drinking tea while playing "GO".

They were at the peak of the game when they heard a sudden scream. They both stand up at the same moment ruining the board. They looked at the direction of the scream only to see their grandchildren playing tag. They sat back and heaved a sigh of relief and started to fix the board.

'That's my spot!!! Hu you damnable old hag!!!' Rui's grandfather shouted.

'Your spot??!! That's clearly my spot!! You damnable bastard!!' Longshin's grandfather shouted back. They started to quarell until the children had enough and shouted at them.

'Stop fighting!!! You're not children anymore!!!' Longshin shouted. He is annoyed because his precious time with his Hua'er is interrupted by their fighting grandfather.

'You shouldn't fight!!! Bad grandfathers!!!' Rui shouted. She ran towards them and hit both of them weakly. But she suddenly felt weak and tried hard to catch her breath.

'Can't breath!!!'

To be continued.........

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