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Longshin woke up in the bed with his hands holding Rui's own. He smiled sweetly and kissed her little face. Rui woke up because of those kisses and giggled.

'Shin'er....did you carry me all the way here? why are we in your bedroom?'she asked him while looking outside the window.

'well,I don't know why I'm here either. I can't remember.....strange' Longshin told Rui and whispered the last word.A mighty man's appearance flashed in his mind. He couldn't see the man's features,it was like something is intercepting him to see who it was but he could still feel the connection he has with him.

'Will Hua'er stay here for the night?' He asked. Rui thought for a bit before saying.

'Grandfather will be the one to make the decision but I would love to stay for the night' she said and smiled at him gently.

'That's settled then you'll stay here for the night and sleep with me' he said in a very serious tone but for Rui he's very cute.

'Acting serious? You look so so so cute!!!' Rui said and pinch both of his cheeks.

'Acting like an older sister? It doesn't fit you at all! Now try to act like my wife I am confident that would do better' he said confidently.Rui smiled mischievously.

'Then let this wife kiss her husband...' she said seductively but it feels wrong she's like a squirell acting like a chipmunk.....well what's the difference?
Longshin felt his heart completely melt when he saw the scene. He doesn't even know whether to laugh or be touched.

'No.....let this husband teach you how to kiss' he said and licked his lips. His handsome face plus the mighty aura almost made Rui forget that Longshin is only a child. She blushed so hard that even her hands are a bit red.

*knock* *knock*

'Rui'er are you awake?'Rui's grandfather asked.

'I am grandfather Shin'er too is awake' Rui jumped down the bed as soon as she saw her grandfather.

'How are you both feeling?' Longshin's grandfather got in the room and asked them.

'We're both fine.....why are we even here I remember we were supposed to be in the garden with you' Longshin said calmly. The two grandfathers looked at each other unable to make decision if they would tell them or not.

'You fell asleep besides your grandfathers so I asked the maids to put you two in bed' Longshin's father popped out of no where startling the two elders. The two elders almost jumped from the sudden appearance of the man then glared at him.
Longshin's father felt those glare and is now having a cold sweat on his back.

'You should be thankful that you saved us or else you'll suffer the consequences' those looks told him this. He nod and left the room as quickly as possible.

'Grandfather,Hua'er will sleep here for tonight' Longshin told his grandfather more of comand.

'Sure sure Bao will also sleep here for the night right?' He said and elbowed Rui's grandfather.

'Y-yes,ofcourse' he said.

'Where are you going to sleep grandfather?' Rui asked her grandfather and held his hands.

'I don't know yet Rui'er' he said and kneeled to kiss his granddaughter's cheeks.

'If grandfather would like Rui will sleep with you' she said and smiled widely making everyman who see it want to protect her specialy Longshin.

'Rui loves grandfather so much. So Rui will obey grandfather's wishes as long as I can' she swore to herself that she will protect everyone she loves. Rui's grandfather smiled and laughed. Meanwhile a certain somebody is extremely jealous of them eventhough he knew that they were a family.

'What about me? Does Hua'er love me?' Longshin asked. He took Rui's hand from her grandfather and block her grandfather from her view then made their foreheads touch each other's for Rui to only look at him (his eyes).

'Rui loves Shin'er more than anything!!!' Our little naive girl said with the biggest and sweetest smile she ever made. Longshin's heart pumped rapidly and loudly. Those horses in his heart won't calm down even if he wanted to. He slowly moved closer and closer,now their nose touched each others.

'Bao!!! Hu!!!' Someone shouted. They all looked at the person who shouted which is Dr. Lee or Mister Jun. The irritated Longshin looked at him but they quickly got away.

'Shin'er,do you love Hua'er too?' Rui asked.
Her heart is also out of control. Her cheeks were in a deep shade of red and she bites her lower lips.

'Do you even need to ask me? Ofcourse I love my Hua'er more than anyone in the world!' He exclaims exasperately. The two children giggled and hugged each other for a while.

'Hua'er can only be mine and no one elses' he whispered near her ears then kissed the top of her head.

'En......I will only be yours and you can only be mine' she whispered and hugged him tighter.

A certain system and authors thought:

[How can they shamelessly do PDA infront of everybody? The single dogs who are reading this will eventually be forced to feed dog food ( -_-)]

To be continued........

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