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' You think its too early for that? I don't think so. Hua'er it has already been 10 years. Let's get married!' The guy said and held her hands. Hua Rui immediately took her hands back and shouted at his face.

'Just who the heck are you?!!'


'Have you mistaken me for someone?' Hua Rui asked him calmly. Her heart is beating like crazy, as if it was saying "it's him! it has always been him! kiss,hug!"

'You....got an amnesia?'

'huh? no I didn't. Just who are you? I...I don't even know what you are saying' Hua Rui looked left and right.

'You're lying.' the man said. His eyes showed longing and love and also betrayal.

Hua Rui knew by instinct that this guy whom she don't remember has something to do with her past.

'Lets not talk in here' she said and held his hand. It was so natural that even she is confused its as if she does it every day.

'Alright.' the guy who almost killed someone earlier turned into an angel in mere seconds.

'*sigh* I cannot lie. I got into a plane crash 10 years ago" Hua Rui has a hunch that this guy knew what really happened, and she was right.

'En. I know.' he stated not letting go of her hand.

'how?' she asked.

'I was there. I was with you when it happened' (this is where we'll start calling him Longshin.) Longshin said.



'Where are we going?' Hua Rui asked her grandfather.

'Somewhere safe. Somewhere no one will know us' he answered. He may look like calm but he's actually panicking.

'Dao...... you take my grandson. We will take care of everything ' Longshin's grandfather said with a shaky voice.

'Alright. Remember to be careful. Those were not ordinary enemies Hu ' he didn't forget to remind him.

'I know, I know. That's why I'm asking you to take Xiao Shin with you ' he said.

'We better get going before they find us.' Hua Rui's grandfather said.


At the plane....

'Ssshhhhhhh... don't be scared. We're gonna be safe ' Longshin whispered to the whimpering little girl besides him and held her hands.

'With Shin'er and grandfather Hua'er isn't afraid anymore ' the whimpering girl soon relaxed as Shin held her hands.


The plane shook making them go dizzy.

'Am I gonna die? I-I just got resurrected and-- and I haven't even have that many memories of Shin and grandfather yet....what if...what if... I die and leave him alone? ' Hua Rui panicked as she thought of dying and leaving Shin and her grandfather.


'Hua'er!!! Hua'er!!!'

'Rui'er!!! Rui'er!! come on now!!!! lets go!!'

Everyone was busy shouting at Hua Rui yet the girl who was being shouted doesn't even react. She sat as still as a statue. A soulless living thing.

"Rui'er!!!" her grandfather rushed and carried her.

"Xiao Shin! You go first! I got Rui'er" her grandfather shouted at Shin amidst the chaos.

"I won't!!! I won't leave the two of you!" he shouted back.

"Go! I won't be able to protect the two of you but I could at least protect my own granddaughter" he said.

"But!-------" Longshin protested.

"You left me no choice!" Rui's grandfather pulled the string on Longshin's parachute.

"Nooo!!!!" Longshin shouted as he look at the plane crashing down.


And the plane crashed causing a really big explosion.

"HUA'ERRR!!!!!!!" he shouted as black smoke shrouded the surroundings.


"Where am I?" A little girl woke up in an unfamiliar bed.

"Rui'er......" An Elderly man called.

"G-Grandfather?!" her face filled with shock.

"..." the elder only stared at Rui.

"oh right!! Is Mama and Papa with you? They are gone for so long,I miss them already!"

Once again the elder only stared at her as if hesitating to tell her something or not.

"I miss them so much! Like this much!" Rui lift her hands high.

"Rui'er..... your parents....they...they're gone" he told her calmly.

"Ofcourse they are! Silly grandpa if not why are they not here yet? When will they come back?" She said with a bright smile.

Her grandpa hesitated for a second then told her the next.

"They...... are not coming back....they....died already" he told her.

"HAHAHAH! Grandpa! How could you joke like that?" the little girl laughed but in truth she's just denying things.



" dead"



A little girl woke up in an unfamiliar bed.

"Rui'er..." an elderly man called.

She stared at the man and called out.

"Grandfather....Who are you?" she asked.

To be continued...........


By the way, the way she called grandfather is the same way a person would call an elder older than them in the streets.

So basically she only called him grandfather out of politeness and not familiarity.

Ohhhhh....right.... as I've said I'm in a really deep state of Hiatus so this chapter might be boring. Also I may not update for a while because there's another story hanging out in my head overlapping the plot of this one so it's really hard to concentrate on either one of them.

 Though I feel pressured and frustrated not updating, and focus on my studies and many other complicated things, I wanna thank all the people who reads my story, Thank you!

your stupid, lazy ass author,


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