Chapter 9

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Demyan Point of View




Again, sigh...!

"By the way, your undersea house was so amazing. Can I please , please be your neighbor?" I sighed again with one more question thrown towards me from her endless list.

I am seriously and undoubtedly the most cruel and ruthless mafia ever named and this is not my own proclaim but the title is given by others to me. People pee when they hear my name, they get panic attacks when they see me and they die of heart attacks when they look into my fierce eyes.

I am seriously the most vindictive Mafia in the history! I swear!

But this morning... the morning when I was supposed to be sleeping and enjoy my very little free time getting rest, I imagined her.

No, I saw her!

I thought it was a nightmare. I chuckled at the silly thought of having a nightmare to a nightmare himself but it was not a silly simple nightmare.

Her contradicting sweet voice that I was expecting in the least, her child like smile which has many evils hidden, I did not expect them to appear the first thing in the morning.

It was like death was waking me up to have her way with me but later I realized... I realized it was much worse than death.

It was Zinnia!

The safe house that even my rivals couldn't find out till now even after spending millions on spies, this crazy girl found it in twenty minutes of internet use and a little luck?

What is she?

The hell is she exactly?

She is not a human and I am quite sure about it now. She is definitely a deadly deity.

Once I jolted awake from seeing her in the morning, she rushed me to the bathroom and gave me ten minutes of time to get ready and present myself from her crazy highness.

The f**k!

Egor had a painful smile on his face constantly and even he got ready in ten minutes to go get his face creams and powders from crazy's friend.

God knows what kind of person this friend is?

"Are you so poor to even lease a piece of land to live, that you are living underwater? But your underwater house looks so rich and well furnished?" She asked tapping her finger on her lips as if she is discovering something great.

"Yes because I am –"

"I know. Because you are a Monk so you must have received few things from the devotees as a part of gratitude. Great!" She clapped excitedly. Can she for once let me speak a full sentence? "Can you make a house like yours right next to yours for me? Pretty please?"


"No!" I said curtly looking dead into her eyes. I gave her one of the famous mafia look which gives heart attack to the receiver.

There's no way I'm allowing her anywhere near my safe peaceful underwater mansion. I don't want a constant migrate personified right next to me.

No, Thanks!

"Oh, come on. I was planning to become a female monk after getting counseling from you and was also planning to train under your to become a good female monk." I looked at her incredulously as if she lost last of the screws from her brain.

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