Wild Horses Part 1

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Chibs wasn't entirely sure where he was. He was still in Charming but an area he didn't frequent. He didn't want to plow into some crow eater, or get rowdy with the other boys. On this rare occasion he just wanted to drink alone so he opted to go out to a bar rather than drink for free at the clubhouse. The bar wasn't entirely dead – apparently it was some idiot's 21st birthday and he was celebrating with his asshole friends rather loudly on the other end of the 'L' shaped bar.

There was a woman sitting by herself not too far from Chibs by the bend. She kept glancing at her watch and the door with an annoyed expression and taking sips from some kind of mixed drink in a martini glass. Her mannerisms were making him antsy despite the four whiskies he had. She noticed his attention and forced a smile. She looked harmless enough but she was just the type of person one of the clubs enemies would send to throw him off. When he didn't smile back she just hugged her sweater closed and looked anywhere but at him. He knew he was glaring – he wasn't in the mood to play nice. He wasn't in the mood for anything so he just knocked back another shot. He kept his eye on her though.

The drunken birthday boy spotted her too and walked over. She jumped when he spilled beer on her. He didn't notice and he didn't seem to care that she was glaring at him and wiping the beer off with jerky movements. He just kept talking – getting closer every time she pulled away. Chibs was about to order another whiskey when she screamed. He almost crushed the glass in his hand it was so shrill. The guy tried to grab her again and she shoved him back. "I said back off!" She yelled.

"You ain't gotta be a bitch. I won't tell nobody we fucked on the first night." He laughed and pumped his hips in a awkward pantomime of sex.

"She said fuck off, lad." They both looked up when Chibs was suddenly behind her. He may not have felt like getting into a fight but he always felt like putting little, annoying shit-heads in their place. One thing everyone in the club agreed on: 'no means no'. "Quit humpin her leg, shut your mouth. She doesn't need your herpes and a hangover." The woman chuckled, presumably at his accent or his colorful phrasing.

"Take a walk old man before I roll your gray ass into a coffin!" He snapped. Chibs dodged his sloppy attempt to push him and he dropped his beer in the process. "Oh you're so dead." His friends finally noticed what was going on when the glass shattered and came for him.

"Let it go, Dylan." One said as they dragged him away. Another took in Chibs' kutte and scars and he put his hands up apologetically.

"Naw man, fuck that guy." 'Dylan' said.

"Dude! You're gonna get all our dicks chopped off. Shut your mouth." His friend advised. They went to another section of the bar as fast as they could.

"Thanks." The woman said. "But I was handling that."

"I know but I handled it faster." Chibs said. She glanced at her watch again. "I could sit with you until whoever you're waiting for arrives." He offered.

"Nah, I know when I've been stood up." She waved him off and tossed back what was left in her glass. She took off her earrings and put them in a pocket on her purse. "Stupid bastard better be dead or in the hospital..." She reached for her wallet but Chibs slapped two fifties down on the counter and nodded towards the bartender before she could tell him not to bother.

"So you're free then?" He asked. She lifted an eyebrow at him and he smirked.

The drive to her place was a short one. Chibs attempted to kiss her as soon as they pulled into the driveway but she just got out of the car. He got out and grabbed her ass on the way to her front door. When she turned around to scold him, he kissed her. He was surprised to find what ever she had been drinking was actually chocolate liqueur. He lapped at the inside of her mouth and hummed – maybe some kind of vanilla vodka. Chibs found the zipper to her dress on the side seam and pulled it down. "Easy biker boy – we can't fuck on my front lawn. H.O. A definitely doesn't allow that." She said after she pushed him away. God, he couldn't stand that she was teasing him. A crow eater would've been bare assed in the grass by now. She got the door open and he walked in after her.

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