Day Seven

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-Arthur! Thanks god you're awake you made me worry for real!-

-I'm sorry Antonio.-

-You didn't try to do it again did you?!-

-Of course I didn't!

I just felt confused and realized some things...-

-Like What?-

-Like, you were right.-


-I should move on but

How can I do that? I want to at least be friends with them.-

-Well, I can help you to move on.-

-I know, that's why I realized two things.-

-What things?-

-You won the bet and...-


-I'm in love with you Antonio.-


He couldn't believe it, those words, he had wished to someday hear them.

Antonio had always thought he hated Arthur but he then started to fall for him.

Arthur was scared of what his reaction would be, but then it happened.

A kiss.

Antonio with tears on his eyes, love in his heart and Arthur in his arms, started kissing him, slowly, tasting every bit of the beautiful man, and due to their godamned need for air, he pulled away.

-Be my boyfriend-


-You said you'd do whatever I told you to if I won. So you are staying with me forever.-

-Yes don't worry.-

-I am here.-


Day: 7 (Final)
Prompt: #5

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