Chapter 7

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Demyan Point of View

"Where the hell were you?" Egor, my bastard beggar friend asked when I entered the mansion.

I dumped my body on the couch careless heaving a long sigh. Egor sat beside me with a bunch of papers in his hand which looks crumbled. Now that I notice, he looks a lot crumbled too. His eyes held extra redness and damn his hair was totally another chapter. His hair was standing straight in all directions as if he just touched an electric wire.

"Went to blow of some steam from the system." I smirked at Egor's face scrunched in disgust. When one woman gives you a headache then it is only right to find another to relax it.

Damn it was so good after have a great evening with some willing women.

"Such a mudak you are. You left your script and your mobile with me and went to dive in bed with some clingy octopus? Such a great friend." Egor sneered at me and punched my shoulder hard. (Mudak in Russian is a***ole)

Gosh, I just had a little relaxed time. Why is he so sensitive suddenly?

From the moment we came back from the darned mental case, Egor was behaving weirdly. He couldn't concentrate on anything nor would he talk to anyone. He just keeps on reading the senseless script over and over. His eyes were shaky and his mouth went dry frequently as he took a sip of water every thirty seconds.

He looks like he lost many years of his life.

How come killers like us are so energy-less thanks to a mad woman?

"You should've gone for a good bed warming too instead of trying to make sense in this stupid script." I reprimanded him immediately for giving such importance to that mental girl and her play.

"She already texted fifty times to your number to remind you about tomorrow's plans." He was frustrated and threw the sleek black phone on my face.

Now, now, there was no need to be so harsh to me, to his boss.

"Egor, have you f***ing lost your mind. She just texted me, that's it. We are not going to the place, No, we are not. What will she do if she doesn't find us in our appointed places? Will she spam text me again? I have already bought a new sim card and changed my number so she cannot call us or text us anymore. We are finally free from her. Stop obsessing over memorizing the stupid dialogues. She cannot track us now that my number will be unavailable." I said exasperatedly looking an inch away to knock him hard against the wooden table.

He is known as a freaking Mafia tiger. He is famous in our world for being cruel and now he is spoiling his very good name by practicing some cheesy dialogues.

Like one my dialogue to her is 'I am a part human and a part wolf but you, my mate, are a gate to my heart.'

Gate to my heart? Sorry darling but I'm bewaring of aliens.

One of her dialogue to me which seriously got on my nerves was 'Damien, I can't give my heart to you. I'm sorry. How would I live without it? I can live without you no doubt but I can't live without my heart. I know you said you would give your heart to me but... but you drink a lot so I don't want heart with blockages.'

Was that her way of rejecting Damien's love? For goodness sake what is she?

After reading it, I burnt my script document. F**k it. I'm not reading that nonsense anymore.

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