texts with the band pt. 2

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drummerboi added ayla💓, finnythepooh 🐸
, Y/N😜and jack 🎅🏻

Y/N😜: wtaf is this

finnythepooh 🐸: yeah what is this

drummerboi: i wanna talk to my friends

ayla 💓: you have friends??? o:

jack 🎅🏻: ;O

Y/N😜: rOaStEd

drummerboi: wow

Y/N😜: lol

finnythepooh 🐸: this is friendship goals

Y/N😜: no finn you and i are

finnythepooh 🐸: tru

ayla💓: damn y/n i thought we were?

Y/N😜: we're relationship goals ayla 😂❤️

ayla💓: true, ily wifey 💖

drummerboi: y/n i wanna talk to u

Y/N😜: you won't want to when you find out ur contact name

drummerboi: wait what is it?

Y/N😜 left the chat

drummerboi: finn tell me what it is

finnythepooh 🐸 left the chat

drummerboi: ayla

ayla💓: i don't disrespect my wife

ayla💓 left the chat

drummerboi: jack

jack🎅🏻 left the chat

drummerboi; GOD DAMNIT

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