the real reason i havent been posting.

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oof okay so this is really hard to make rn because i'm stubborn but here we go

so i'm not trying to make excuses, or anything, i just want to explain some reasons why.

1.  Mental Health:
I suffer awful mental health issues, such as anxiety and depression,  and lately they've gotten a lot worse. i'm extremely unmotivated to even get out of bed. i'm trying to get this under control.  i'm really sorry that i let it stop me although

2. School, My boyfriend and family¿

oKaY so schools ending for me soon, so that won't be an issue.  but my boyfriend, finn (ironic ik),  are in a long distance relationship. it's really hard to keep track off and i our most my energy into it because i love him so goddamn much. now with the family one, we don't have wifi yet, so even if i did write all your requests and other things, i can't post them. rn i'm secretly hotspotting my mum.

i'm so so sorry for not keeping my promises to update regularly, and i hope after christmas i can.
ily all so much and i hope that you all have the best christmas ever!

(also we got 2K reads um TY all)

- Bridgett

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