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( unedited, will come back and edit later but i wanted to post for you guys ❤️ )

your pov
i opened instagram for the first time today, immediately looking through the comments on my recent post.
since finn posted more photos with me and since we came out as a couple, his fans have been following me, making my follower count go up from 580 to 50k.

i appreciated every single one of them for being supportive and kind. and the few who weren't, i'd try my best not to let it get me down.

i smiled at all the positive feedback, liking and replying to the ones that were too kind. i kept scrolling, liking random comments until i came across one;
wolfhard.fan: why the fuck does finn date her? she's so average. i mean he could get a fucking super model as a gf but he chose her? ew.

this made my smile fade and my heart drop. was i really that average? i sighed, scrolling down a little more to see a similar comment. that's when i decided to get off instagram.
i've always been insecure about not being good enough for finn, and if his fans even think i'm not good enough, that mustn't be a good sign.

what did he even see in me? i wasn't ugly, but i wasn't a model either. i wasn't the thinnest, nor the tallest. i had no special talents or anything; and my personality is quite bland. i rested my face in my hands as i went over all the things that were boring about myself, not even noticing the curly haired boy enter the room.

"y/n?" he asked softly, making me look up at him.
"finn why are you with me?" i blurted, standing up.
he looked at me with a confused look, making me continue my little rant.
"i'm average finn, you could have anyone! but you chose the most boring person in the world." i said, looking at him glossy eyed.

"you. average?" he asked as i nodded frantically.
"i mean, i'm not at all pretty, i'm not very thin, i'm not tall, i have no special talents" i started, now pacing.

"y/n stop" he tried but o kept rambling on, causing him to grab my shoulders and press his lips against mine.
i relaxed a little as i kissed back, and after what seemed for forever, he pulled away.
"you aren't average. your my everything y/n, and if your average then i have no clue what this world would be." he said, looking in my eyes.

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