confessions - finn

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Finns P.O.V
I sighed, typing, deleting, and re typing. Ive been doing it for the past hour, struggling to find a way I could tell Y/N i like them. I mean, it could be a simple "I love you Y/N." But for some reason I can't muster up the courage to even type those words.

I got out of the notes app, and went onto IMessages. Clicking onto Jacks name, I message him;

dude i really like Y/N but idk how to tell them, help!!

I put my phone down for a moment, playing with my hair to hear to notifications go off. I look back at my phone to see;

Y/N 😂
uh finn...

Shit shit shit! Fuck I could've sworn that I sent that to Jack!
Speak of Jack, I got a notification from him saying "Smooooth Wolfhard." Did they seriously send a screenshot to him in like 0.3 seconds!?? Anyway, I nervously texted Y/N back;


finn i'm sorry to tell you this

i like you too

just something cute x

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